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centre back rated 88-87 that will rise to 90 within the next couple of seasons

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Re: centre back rated 88-87 that will rise to 90 within the next couple of seasons

If you had asked this question yesterday then, one of the most blatantly obvious ones would be Mamadou Sakho of Paris Saint Germain (PSG) - but his rating obviously went moved to an 89 this morning so I guess that doesn't answer you question, haha.

But here are some who have not been mentioned yet...

Ryan Shawcross; won't rise unless Stoke City become a major force in nglish football in the same way Man City are trying to do by any means neccessary (not going to happen). But if he is going to rise gotta leave - he isn't a bad player by any means (which I know some people might berate me for saying)

Laurent Koscielny (did I spell that right); Ok now this guy hasn;t exactly adjusted to Premier League life seamlessly since joining Arsenal in the summer, but after all, Arsenal are Arsenal, and if he does well for them then why not - he is only 25 years of age

Sebastien Bassong; Plays for Tottenham, Tottenham are CURRENTLY in the Champions League, International regular (even if Cameroon don't exaclty have the pedigree of a Spain or Brazil for instance) and is quite clearly rated highly enough by Arry, so why not. BUT, imo, it is a long shot if you ask me, though he is young enough.

Michael Dawson; If he can pick up from where he left off once he returns from his unfortunate injury, then he has a good chance of rising, namely due to the fact that when fit, he is a regular for Spurs. Plus Capello might even bring him back into the International fold at some point again. Imo, Has the potential to achieve 90.

Nicolas N'Kolou; Good player for his age, although I have to admit I haven;t seen him play even once. But judging by some of his stats, and how highly SM rate him at the age of 20, he looks a good bet.

Jack Rodwell; Shouldn't need no invitation. But that's only if you consider him a CB.

And last but not least, JONATHAN WOODGATE, haha:D. When was the last time he played???

Anyway, aside from Jonathan Woodgate, imo, they are all good bets. Happy scouting!;)

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