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just a thought. shouldn't people read a thread and see the debates/arguments that have been proposed before voting?

as it is at the moment, you vote first, then read the thread and maybe add your comments. However, and this is especially the case with new members, often once you have read the arguments and counter arguments your opinion may well have been affected.

a good example: the current poll thread on squad capping.

When i first started playing this game, i was 100% convinced that squad capping was a MUST, and even wrote a suggestion to SM on this. However, having become more active in the forums and reading up more and generally getting more into the game, i am now very aware of how squad capping would seriously damage the game, making managing small squads a near pointless exercise and blah blah blah (for full arguments on this issue read the thread).

Therefore as a newbie, i would have voted for a cap of 50. However, the thread on this subject is very good, with many good arguments and counter arguments.

Once having read the thread, i am sure that many people who have voted would have voted differently, especially as i say the more newer members who are still finding there feet with SM.

the way a poll thread works at the moment is like going to a voting booth on an election and voting for the party that just happens to have said something you think you like, but not actually having looked at there policies or the repurcussions that they could have..... like voting LibDem and then realising that in doing so everything they said was absolute rubbish as they bent over and took a tory sausaging.

Another solution would be to add more weight to the vote of a longer serving manager - this is not to belittle the newer managers, but certainly it takes a while of playing SM to understand certain aspects, and new managers can often be frustrated by many things - especially if they are in an older game world, which takes a LOT of patience, vigilance and hard work to be successful in.

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