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Swiss Super League "Super Risers"

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FC Luzern

Tomislav Puljic (CB) Age:27 Rating: 80->84

Janko Pacar (CF) Age:20 Rating: 77->80

Joao Paiva (CF) Age:27 Rating 82->84


FC Basel

Tembo Fwayo (AM/Wing) Age:21 Rating: 80->83

Xherdan Shaqiri (Wing) Age:19 Rating: 84->85/86 *3 cap for the Swiss nation squad, came off the bench in each game. Future Star

Valentin Stocker (LM/Wing) Age:21 Rating: 86->87 *recent cap, playing well for his side in the UEFA Champs league.


FC Zurich

Andrea Guatelli (GK) Age:27 Rating: 78->83/84

Chaker Zouaghi (DM) Age:25 Rating: 80->83

Stjepan Kukuruzovic (CM/AM) Age:21 Rating: 78->82

Admir Mehmedi (CF) Age:19 Rating: 78->82/83


BSC Young Boys

Henri Bienvenu (FWD) Age:22 Rating: 82->84

François Affolter (CB) Age:19 Rating:85->86 *3 caps for Swiss National squad, played 90 mins in each game. Future Star

Moreno Costanzo (AM/FWD) Age:22 Rating: 83->85 *also had 3 caps for the Swiss National, came off the bench in each game and scored the winning goal. Future Star


FC Sion

Anthony Sauthier (Def/DM) Age:19 Rating: 77->78/79

Giovanni Sio (Wing) Age:21 Rating 72->80


FC Thun

David da Costa (GK) Age:24 Rating: 75->80

Nick Proschwitz (CF) Age:24 Rating: 80->83

Ezequiel Scarione (AM/RM) Age:25 Rating: 82->84/85

Benjamin Luthi (CM/DM) Age:21 Rating 78->82 *Possible position change

Stefan Glarner (LB/RB) Age:23 Rating: 78->82 *Possible position change

Timm Klose (CB) Age:22 Rating: 78->82

Dennis Hediger (DM) Age:24 Rating: 77->82


AC Bellinzona

Dragan Mihajlovic (AM/FWD) Age:19 Rating: 74->78 *Correct*

Frank Feltscher (Wing/AM) Age:22 Rating: 81->82/83 ACTUAL ->82

Hemza Mihoubi (LB/LM) (Age:25 Rating: 78->81/82 ACTUAL ->80


FC St. Gallen

Fabian Frei (RM/AM) Age:21 Rating: 81->83 ACTUAL ->82

Manuel Sutter (AM/Wing) Age:19 Rating: 60->72 ACTUAL ->75

Lukas Schenkel (CB) Age:26 Rating: 82->83 NO RISE


Neuchâtel Xamax

Gerald Gohou (CF) Age:21 Rating: 76->80

Rafaël Nuzzolo (Wing/AM) Age:27 Rating: 83->84 *Update*



Daniel Pavlovic (LB/LM) Age:22 Rating: 78->82

Innocent Emeghara (FWD/Wing) Age:21 Rating: 75->80

Steven Zuber (Wing/Fwd) Age:19 Rating: 80->82 *Update*

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