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W a s t e l a n d - It's Heaven....and HELL!

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

OK just an update on what's going on. The 3 divisions are 95% set, I'm just going over them and hopefully they will be fairly evenly balanced when it gets created.

A couple of things have changed. The maximum transfer rating is going down to 78, The veneratio is at 82 so I wanted so change it. Plus I want to slow down the road to Messi.

I'm going to invert the divisions, i.e. the stronger teams that would normally be in division 1 will be in division 3, the middle division will stay the same and the weaker teams will be in div 1. Jooles came up with this idea and I thought it would make an interesting challenge for everyone. Managers of lesser sides who would normally know they have little chance of promotion in the earlier seasons will have the challenge of keeping their side in the top flight. Stronger managers will have to work their way through the divisions to obtain trophys they would normally aquire quickly.

I thought that was brilliant Jooles. How does it feel to have your first light bulb go off? :P

After that, the only other thing to figure out is who gets who. Originally I wanted to do a sliding scale thingy but maybe we should just go the regular route. Any suggestions or preferences?

Planning to get created Monday...

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

Can't really take the credit for that one I'm afraid, I stole it from someone else, just like I do for all my other good ideas. :o EDIT: Except for the helium infused bra idea that is. That was all mine. :)

So hey Fury, yeah, how are the teams allocated? Do we get to pick them, will it be a mad scramble, or do you assign them to us according to some arbitrary ranking system, average SM manager points for example?

If you're thinking of having the stronger managers work their way up then surely you'll have to stick the stronger ones down in the basement, though I see Latouche has the right idea by already figuring out that he should be in Div 1. :P

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

OK the final 5 will be:



Adam D



Just made it! Thanks for adding me in - looking forward to this one.

As for team allocation, I dont have any special ideas. One option would be to pm us each a list of the clubs and we send you a 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice of teams. Problem is - this could lead to quite a headache for you and you'll probably end up with some clubs getting no votes. Alternatively you could make a random list with our names to allocate us a team.

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

OK the final 5 will be:



Adam D



1' date=' Longnose

2, La Touche

3, A2R

4, Sgt Fury

5, Villa 888

6, Nikidinh0

7, VillaCraig 32

8, Jooles

9, Dudeskin

10, Tecalee

11, SirMarkHughes

12, Lenny59

13, VinnieMac

14, ThePlaymaker

15, BigGameMo

16, Gozzy

17, Safir8100

18, sonofpluto

19, jr231990

20, Shack

21, pclarke

22, Adam D

23, Predator

24, Gurnak

Sorry to those who did not get in but I will make a shortlist in the order received on this thread.

There are often vacancys in my other 2 set ups - The Veneratio League and the Trenches, Both are similar in many ways to Wasteland.[/quote']

Not being picky but did Adam D not also quit on you? Adam Devitt.

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

OK people here's the deal:

The league has been set up and is ready to go once I push the button :)

All in all the set up has come very close to being very evenly balanced with a couple of exeptions. Viborg, Kongsvinger and Gornik Leczna have a slight edge balance wise but it is not extreme. In fact Viborgs squad avarage is low so that balances them out.


This is how we are going to do it:

The following managers have been deemed as transfer market wiz kids and therefore are limited to selecting teams ONLY from division 3.

You will have a lower balance to work with and lesser squad values.

VillaCraig 32






La Touche


Are you up for the challenge?

If any of you feel that you are not worthy of being listed here, feel someone else should be listed here or whatever, please say so now.

Also, please do not take offense if you feel you are the Arsole Bender of SM and should be listed here. This is just a list compiled by my crack research team. Thanks Jooles ;)



Viborg FF - Denmark

MyPa - Finland

FC Honka - Finland

Dinaburg FC - Latvia

Torpedo Zhodino - Poland

FH - Iceland

Keflavik IF - Iceland

Kongsvinger - Norway


IFK Mariehamn - Finland

FF Jaro - Finland

Trans - Estonia

Jūrmala VV - Latvia

Gornik Leczna - Poland

KR - Iceland

FC Minsk - Belarus

FK Vetra - Lituania


VPS - Finland

Tammeka - Estonia

Tulevik - Estonia

Valur - Iceland

Breiðablik - Iceland

Olimps/RFS - Latvia

RoPs - Finland

JJK - Finland

I NEED EVERYONE TO CONTACT ME WITH THE ACCOUNT NAME THAT YOU WILL BE USING FOR THIS SET UP. Please don't make me chase around trying to find out if Pinkytoes2001 is Lenny59 or not. (This is just an example. Everyone knows Lennys toes are blackish...:P)

Once all the team managers have applied I will accept them in the order of div 2, div1, div3 thereby giving the opportunity for managers to get ther opening salvo of bids in before the div 3 managers :)


Buying from Unmanaged Clubs - NOT ALLOWED

No buying over the age of 29 years old.

No buying players rated over 78

Cannot do cash transfers over £2m.

Transfer window ONE between Turn 1 and Turn 6

Transfer window TWO between Turn 12 and Turn 14

Manager sacked if they finish in bottom 1

Manager must login to this Game World at least every 14 days


Quitters Hall is open and ready for business..

Any questions, whining?

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

I have PM'd my details.

I would have liked a Division 3 team.:)

Jooles did include you on the list for transfer geeks but he gave me nine names and you were ninth (no order)

If someone else doesnt want to be in 3 I'll put you in. Or you can contact one of the others and see if they'll switch. OK?

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

Are you sure you can handle this set-up???

It may be a little too challenging for you. :P:p:p

This is my realm !!!!! Is someone upset they didnt get div 3 side? Fury thanks a lot for having me compete in the hardest challenge im facing to date with some of SM's oldest veterans!!!! Thanks fury

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