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W a s t e l a n d - It's Heaven....and HELL!

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

I'm ok with it.

Can it be enforced by SM though' date=' or is it something we have to monitor ourselves?[/quote']

I will monotor it during bathroom breaks

Yeah....In my Uruguayan Civil War set-up the maximum is 25 players(Including loans).....Stops anyone buying 20/30 players when a country is being reviewed.....So 30 max in this should be fine.....Good choice to include it Sarge

Thanks for suggesting it, me old mate!

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

30 really allows very little lee-way in terms of failed transfers/injury cover.

Any chance for 35/40? I understand 50 would be too much.

There is a solution to this problem: Do not' date=' under [b']any[/b] circumstances make any bad transfer deals ;)

I have teams with less than 30 players and it has never been an issue for me.

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

Perhaps' date=' but its in-keeping with the sheer desperation of the icy prison we find ourselves in....I like 30 myself ( first team / second team and a few spare), not getting a bit jittery are we ?? :P


Agreed. Researchers have found that 30 is a perfect number for penguins huddled against the Antarctic chill. Any less than that and they don't survive.


Some of the dangers of a low-number huddle

Any more and the attrition rate is just too high, with many a monochromatic bird often trampled to death in the fight for the middle or left abandoned on the fringes, unwanted, unloved.


Here's a rare shot of a fully clothed Fury doing the reserch by which he came

up with the magic number of 30. Why the need for a penguin BJ though?

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

Where is that America flag coming out of? :P

The pole is Clenched in the vice like grip of Furys buttocks' date=' legend has it, one of his many party tricks is cracking walnuts between those meaty powerhouses...its estimated the forces exerted between fury's cheeks works out to something like 500lb per sq inch :eek:[/color']

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