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W a s t e l a n d - It's Heaven....and HELL!

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

We always post at the same time:o:p

Useful if either of us needs an alibi' date=' 'sorry officer, we were on the forum together'. Proves once and for all that we are in fact not the same person, contrary to popular belief. :D

Not accepting anyone until everyone has applied..

Who is Chris Smith? I just rejected him....

Chris who? So basically we have to wait until dudeskin gets back from church? :(

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Re: W a s t e l a n d

Just a reminder the following managers may only pick teams from Division 3:

La Touche







Tecalee (replacing sirmarkhughes)

One other thing:

Breiðablik and RoPS

have lesser starting balances and therefore pose an even bigger challenge. Please make sure that if you pick one of these teams you know what you are in for!!!

I'm confused' date=' I'm not on the 3rd div list, but i got an ingame pm telling me i was ?....don't know what to do now :eek::o


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