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Dale Roberts (Rushden) Passes Away

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Shocking news, only 24. :(



Apparently involved in a car crash on the way to the game tonight, although there are some rumours of suicide.

I met Dale on many occasions he was a great guy. Stayed with the club despite offers of higher placings, joined after a loan spell when he had better offers. He was a massive fans favourite and had everything going for him.

His fiance left him for Paul Terry (John's brother) in the summer after an affair and he had battled through all that with the support of the club and the fans.

Genuine talk amongst fans of retiring the number 1 shirt for him. He was genuinely loved. I am absolutely stunned.

RIP Dale

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Re: Dale Roberts (Rushden) Passes Away

This is soooooooooo sad (and unnecessary). I wish that Roberts had the help that he needed. RIP.

The Terrys are complete scum. Mother, Father, and their Sons. Apples don't fall far from the tree.

Furthermore, it turns out that Paul Konchesky is brother-in-law with this Paul Terry. His poor sister is married to the guy.

Somehow I imagine that the Terrys are all sleeping soundly tonight. I hope they get what they deserve in this life. Karma is a friggin' biitch.


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