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Rap Music

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Re: Rap Music If they had one called Ben, people would just sell their Tv's from constant depression

Re: Rap Music Rap music is cool lol

Re: Rap Music Why the f*ck did you post this sh*t?

Re: Rap Music

Browsing through some of my old favourites I found this


Proper old school grime, where your whole crew would come together, and it would be filmed on a mobile phone :D

Classic :P

ahhh and here's another one :P Same intstrumental as above, One of Jme's and Skepta's finest ever


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Re: Rap Music

Yah man' date=' heard he threatened to kidnap beyonce on his new song or something[/quote']

Jay Z said on "HAM";

I'm like really, half a billi dude

you dudes have got baby money,

dudes talking cash, they aint even got my lady's money

something along those lines

Then Lil Wayne replied

Baby money? I got your baby money,

Kidnap your chick, and get that "how much you love your lady?" money.

On his new track "It's Good".

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