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Re: Rap Music

Ahh shows how much of a fan I am :o Congrats to him really' date=' I'm seeing his new EP can go straight to number 1 in the albums chart, that's amazing! :D[/quote']

Top 10 already and this is just the beginning :) , he's going to be the biggest thing of 2011 in my opinion.

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Re: Rap Music


its all about Devlin you have to love how he talks about life and represents London in a lot of his tunes :) So if anyone reckon that there levelling with Devlin' date=' will get left with their features ****** like feminine ;)[/quote']

'Cos you can't keep up with the pace and the rate that I keep on developing. :D

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Re: Rap Music

Woah, this thread is nearly dead but I have come to resurrect it and add some good newish songs:









All very good songs, except maybe Traktor which could've been much better, and there's plenty more where that came from ;)

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