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Rap Music

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Re: Rap Music If they had one called Ben, people would just sell their Tv's from constant depression

Re: Rap Music Rap music is cool lol

Re: Rap Music Why the f*ck did you post this sh*t?

Re: Rap Music

words cannot describe how big this guy is going to be..


Cashtastic, I'm the legend in the makin,

17, nationality Jamaican,

Do it for the love, I don't do it for the ratings,

I don't like satan, and I don't eat bacon.


All his lyrics are class though!

He is the future of rap in the UK.

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Re: Rap Music

He's decent but he's being overyhyped by you more than everyone did during Bale's little moment of fame :D


^ another freestyle from Cash - fairly old though.

tbh he's different from all the other grime artists in the UK.. doesn't talk about money, guns, girls etc.. only raps about the pain.

I'm hooked onto this freestyle now, even put it as my sig :D

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