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Help with young team

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Hi everyone, is my first topic in the forum, but I'm an experimented manager, i've been playin during years.

I ask you for help to my new team. I want young people betwen 80 that will progress in the future or 7x that are going to rise up quickly. And if it can be cheap better xD


P.D: I'm not english, so sorry if my message have errors

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Re: Help with young team

Not a lot to go by. I'm not exactly sure what you're asking but I'll try and get the ball rolling...

Vrsaljko 80->83 (can't predict any more than this as I'm not a fortune teller :P) been linked with a big money move to the Premiership. Top talent

McEachran 80 rated 17 year old at Chelsea, has a bright future also.

Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

The player rating predictions section might be of more use to you if you are looking for specific predictions whilst there is a also a young talent section. All the information is there you just need to look/ use the search function to find it.

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Re: Help with young team

i've got a couple of names for you but i don't exactly know how much they will rise by

alcantara THAIGO - AM/CM - 19/84

jordi AMAT - CB - 18/80

sergi ROBERTO - AM - 18/82

oriol ROMEU - DM/CM - 18/80

gallardo KEKO - WING/FWD - 19/82

i can also give you a few that are below 80 too

these names are based on the fact the all of them have played for the spanish national team at youth level and now play for decent clubs

my pick of the bunch here would have to be THAIGO and KEKO

hope this helps :) i have more if you need

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Re: Help with young team

- ROBERTO, Sergi AM 18 82

- KOKE, Jorge CM 18 78

- MUNIESA, Marc CB-LB 18 82

- VOLLAND, Kevin F-AM 18 75

- THY, Lennart CF 18 77

- KACHUNGA, Elias F-AM 18 79

- ZIMMERMANN, Matthias D-DM 18 80

- YABO, Reinhold CM 18 75

- LEITNER, Moritz CM-AM 18 78

- CIGERCI, Tolga CM-AM 18 76

- BUCHTMANN, Christopher LM 18 75

- PLATTENHARDT, Marvin LB 18 75

- MUSTAFI, Shkodran CB 18 75

- AVEVOR, Christopher CB-RB 18 78

- LENO, Bernd Gk 18 77

MORATA, Álvaro CF 18 77

- SARABIA, Pablo W-F 18 75

- CARVAJAL, Daniel RB-CB 18 75

- AMAT, Jordi CB-RB 18 80

- NIGUEZ, Saúl W-AM 16 75

- ISCO, Alarcón AM-W 18 78

i know these are all spanish and german but they are the ones a have researched, based on national youth teams and teams they now play for

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Re: Respuesta: Help with young team


I was asking about young players betwenn 70 and 80 that will rise up to 80 or more in the next revisions.

I have a new team in a low division and i want this kind of players to improve my team.

Thanks again.

Go to the players rating predictions part of the forum and have a look over there.

There are loads of risers.

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