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São Paulo LUCAS, Rodrigues 75 to 85-88

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This player was found by forum legend Insider

Lucas formerly known as Marcelinho. let me clear this up.

The player’s real name is Lucas but he picked up the nickname of Marcelinho after going to Marcelinho Carioca’s football school. The teenager made his debut in August vs Atlético Paranaense as Marcelinho. But halfway through September announced that he wanted to be called Lucas.

Lucas is an exciting prospect, speedy with bags of tricks that will worry even the most experienced defenders. Captain Rógerio Ceni has already said the youngster is fundamental to São Paulo and added that he believes Lucas is one of the most talented midfielders to play for the club since Kaká.

stat for season 2010 Brasileiro

21 starts 1766 minutes 4 goals :eek::eek:

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Re: Respuesta: São Paulo LUCAS, Rodrigues 75 to 85-88

Why he didn´t rise in the previous revision?

He scored 21 starts 1766 minutes 4 goals

Because he was only added previous revision. Maybe 2-3 weeks before.

Right now, at Sao Paulo, it's 1. Lucas 2. Casemiro 3. Lucas Gaucho

The first two will play at the South American U20 championships this month. Lucas Gaucho was one of the last cuts.

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