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Fifa 11: P.S.3 Forum League

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Re: Fifa 11: P.S.3 Forum League

I like this idea' date=' is 5 games in the first week too much?

NO CHANGING TEAMS. If you leave, you're out.

There will be less people anyway, but if people are committed then we don't need a limit.[/quote']

I'd say 8 ppl? I think 5 games may be a lil low in my opinion. ;)

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Re: Fifa 11: P.S.3 Forum League

I'd be up for this and I think Radebe will vouch for me. However I can't pick an international team until I'm back home.

I live in Newcastle now but I'm a Celtic season ticket holder so I'm in Glasgow for the weekend for the match. I will be back in Newcastle on Monday.

Yeah Fraser's sound, although I don't like the sound of the practice he's been doing :D

I think I will pick his international team for him :P;)

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Re: Fifa 11: P.S.3 Forum League

I'll have a look through the teams later and pick one' date=' doesn't look like many good ones are left though! :P[/quote']

There's plenty of choice!

There's...erm...Australia, they aint bad ;)

Belgium, Cameroon, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey all have decent teams. They're all on there :)

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Re: Fifa 11: P.S.3 Forum League

Right, I've set up the International league :D

Name: SM Internationals

Abbr: SMI

Password: forum1

These are the teams taken so far:

Jonaldinho22: Uruguay

JR: Holland

Bienfait: Portugal

Radebe20: Russia

Dale147: Croatia

BarryMUFC: Ireland

Mr.MCFC: Mexico


Biffy Clark: Scotland

FMC_02: Turkey

Boro123: Sweden

Bourkey: Cameroon

Good teams left: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Norway and Switzerland.

To join, go on: Online Game Modes - Online Leagues - Join League - put in details (or something like that)

Well what are you waiting for? Get playing :D

EDIT: Ghana aren't on there ;)

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