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The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

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GBFA supremo Onmi Edson was in a buoyant mood this morning as he met reporters at the official launch of the Great British League, and promised that the ambitious project would breathe new life into the game after the loss of so many fine clubs as a result of the meteor shower of '10.

"Clearly at the time when Sky collapsed it was as if the actual sky had also collapsed on many dependant clubs, and unfortunately as we all know many of them couldn't cope.

But myself and the bosses of the national associations got our heads together and feel we've been able to create a product that will be sustainable for the future of British football.

One thing that we're particularly proud of is that we could have just pulled up the draw-bridge and protected the elite clubs that were remaining, and adopted a "survival of the fittest" mentality - instead we invited 20 of the "small" clubs of Britain to form a 4th Division.

Despite negative reporting suggesting that these clubs will simply be cannon fodder, i would prefer to take the view that these proud little clubs and their respective managers are a symbol of hope for Britain and that, in time, they will grow to take their place as part of an eighty-club strong elite - and not, as i heard suggested earlier, simply exist to "make up the numbers" which is very disrespectful to all concerned."

Time will tell whether it is Mr. Edson or his critics who are correct.......

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread




"We're British And We'll Stay That Way!"

"We're British And We'll Stay That Way!"
is the message that's coming out of The New Saints today, as Aidan Radford takes charge of the club as they look to make the most of the fantastic news that they've been moved to the English pyramid and are straight into the fourth tier of English football. Whilst plenty of other clubs are looking to sign Koreans as they're star players, TNS will take this opportunity to stay as a British club as there looking for young players with potential playing in the English pyramid to join the club. Every now and then if a player does become a free agent, then there's a distinct possibility in the future that they could decide to splash out on an older experienced face but for now there looking to bring in young players who've succeded at League 2 or Conference level.

There's plenty of names linked with the club, one of which is Newport County striker Craig Reid who there looking to sign but it's unlikely he'll join the club and negotiations have more or less collapsed between the club. But nethertheless they can still use this example of the sort of player there looking to bring into The New Saints, with plenty of players in talks with the club as they're looking to start there signings with a minimum of 8 possible signings. There looking to bring in a full strikeforce into the club, as there looking to bring in at least four forwards to the club with plenty of potential availible in the attacking area even if they miss out on a couple of players. They do want to bring in a couple of midfielders and a couple of defenders to the club though aswell, aswell as a goalkeeper with the ageing Anthony Williams in goals being a player who might not last for much longer. But there's a lot of optomism around the club even though they might not be splashing out the cash, and we caught up with the new manager after his arrival as he discussed his plans for the club:
I'm happy to have taken over a club with the potential to do a lot more then they've done recentley, and we've got a great opportunity whilst being in the English pyramid. Although some others might cash out on popular players from Asia, we're British and we'll stay that way. We're a British club and we're proud to be and the players that will be coming into the club will be players who've proven quality in the lower leagues of England. We've been looking around a bit for young players who are doing well, and we're confident that we've found some young players with good futures and players that will be joining relatively cheap with good futures and good quality at this sort of level. If things go to plan then we could have a very good next couple of days and we'll be proud to announce some big signings for the club which will be very good for the club. We might not be improving at the level that others around us might be, but the club is improving and we're doing it the way that we believe things should be done, and whether others may disagree, the way we do things will be the British way.

On the other hand despite a new manager with high hopes for the club, it's not all good news with not all the fans of the club happy with the way the club is going to be run. People know that the club is improving but they feel with the funding given to the manager, he should be keeping up with the competition rather then bringing in players for generally fee's of mainly £10,000. Some of The New Saints rivals are splashing out on players that will give them big £1 million to £2 million profits whilst TNS are only really expecting a few thousand pounds value increase from there players and a lot of the players are going to be players to stay rather then players to sell on and bring in big name players to the club. Fans aren't happy that the manager isn't bringing in players to the club who are at the highest possible standard, with some of which barely able to pin down a regular starting place in the current starting line-up.

Some people aren't happy with the standard of football that is going to be played at TNS, it's expected that with things having a lower leagues of England sense to things that there wont be much passing football and a lot of long balls to TNS's game. There's actually nothing to be said that this will actually be the case, but it could well be with plenty of forwards to be brought in being the clubs main priority as there expected to play the long ball and for the forwards to try and find goals from flick ons, loose balls and second balls. It wouldn't lose all the fans though if they did play this sort of football, they've been used to this sort of football in previous seasons and although it's been hinted that the long ball is Plan A for TNS there will certainly be some sort of Plan B which would probably involve passing football and for the forwards to just try and get on the end of passing moves and to turn them into goals. A particular TNS fan, Paul who lives just five minutes from Oswestry and has been a season ticket holder since the age of 12, commented on the issue as a representative for the fans of the club:
I'm not particularly pleased with how things are going to be done at the club. Any other year then maybe it would be the right thing, but in the year we get put into the English Pyramid we need to keep up with the opposition and we're not doing it. I've heard a lot about a long ball style of play aswell, i'm not sure if it'll get results and i'm not pleased with it but i'm going to give the manager a chance, although to be honest if things don't go well very early on then i certainly wont be pleased with him being the manager.

But there is certainly possitives at the club, and the main possitive at the club seems to be that with there style of signings in mind they should have a good financial status with very low wages at the club. Whilst there opposition may well fork out big money on some South Korean players and have to pay them high wages, TNS will spend little money on there players and in turn pay them relatively low wages which will be good for the club. In the recent future there not planning on bringing in any sort of big name player to the club so they should beable to bring money into the club whilst still improving on the large scale. The chairman has given the club a £380,000 investment to the club, with this the new manager will bring in all of his targets to the club, and no one is likely to be sold by the club as it would be more financially viable to release the players.

So at TNS, although not everyone is behind the team with the fans not all particuarly happy with them falling behind there opposition and the style of play that is likely under the new manager, there is improvement at the club and it's the most exciting time in the clubs history with them being brought into the English pyramid. The main players of this exciting period in the clubs history are said to be on there way in at TNS in the next couple of days so it shouldn't be too long untill the squad gathers together and starts preparing for the new season.

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread



A strange turn of events has led to Stifler being appointed manager of Bangor FC (Northern Ireland) - after the manager had accepted the job believing it to be an offer from Bangor City (Wales).

Stifler had this to say -

" It doesn't really matter they are both rubbish"


The Bangor chairman has set Stifler the target of "avoiding finishing bottom of the league" - not an easy task considering that the seasiders are amongst the poorest of the poor in the league - ranking in the bottom 3 clubs for resources along with Annan Athletic and Prestatyn.

Stifler -

"We don't have the massive resources(:P) of teams likes Fleetwood and East Fife but we will go all out to avoid the wooden spoon - finishing 19th in season 1 will be a fine result."

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread


Newport Town are happy to announce the new manager, Simon Cowell who takes over on a 2 year contract.

A man who previously worked in a local pie factory was delighted with his new job:

Interviewer: Mr Simon, how did you manage to get this job?

Simon: Well, one evening I was just reading a local newspaper, and on the job adverts I found that Newport are in search for a manager so I thought why not. Got through to the interview stage, where it was me and a few other lads who I've seen in the local pub, and luckily I was chosen as the one in the end.

Interviewer:What do you expect from the team?

Simon: Well obviously we're the minors in English football, that's as much as I know about the club to be honest. Never been a big Newport fan. I know that we are now in a newly formed English league, is that right?

Interviewer: It's actually Great British League

Simon: Oh right, whatever... so I'd be hoping to win the league in a perfect world but this being a tight league I'd just hope to finish in the top half.

Interviewer: Any signings you've got in mind?

Simon: Well I'm not particularly good with that as the only players I know are Rooney Beckham Gerrard and Lampard. Oh and that Messi fella too. Tried contacting Beckham today but he just laughed and said no. So I asked to employ a professional worldwide scout who'll hopefully find players for me.

Interviewer: Who do you see as your biggest danger in the league?

Simon: Sorry, but I don't know any of the teams in the league, you'll have to ask me that later on in the season.

Interviewer: Alright then Mr. Cowell it was great talking to you, and get to know you as a person, and good luck with your new job.

Simon: My pleasure sir


Mr Cowell

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread


The newly appointed manager Simon Cowell, has shown signs of a brave and exciting manager by splashing a fair amount of his transfer kitty on only his first day as a manager. When asked what's the reasoning for spending so fast he replied:

What should I wait for? The earlier the better

The following players have already joined up with the squad:


21 year old German, Sebastian Mielitz (GK)


18 year old Spaniard, Sergi Gomez (CB)


17 year old Italian, Lorenzo Crisetig (DM,CM)


17 year old Austrian, Raphael Holzhauser (CM)


18 year old Argentinian, Erik Lamela (AM,Fwd)


19 year old Montenegrian, Marko Vesovic(Wing,AM)

These 6 are identified by Mr Cowell as the stars of the team:

Well,I actually haven't heard of any of them,I just asked my scout to find me some good youngsters and he told me that these are some of the finest youngsters in the world, so I'll be looking forward to working with these lot, doubt any of them speak English mind.

A few other players joined, but as the manager said himself:

They're only here to make up the numbers. I don't care about them

One of the more recognisable names to English football to join Newport County, is a 28 year old Calum Davenport who's recently only come back to football from his stabbing in August 2009.

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread



Bangor have set about trying to build a competitive team with the limited funds available. A total of 19 players have joined the club, with the entire previous squad expected to leave in the next few days.


Star signing is Won-Il Kim. The then 72 rated CB was signed for a club record 53k - he has since risen +8 to 80 and is by far the best player in the squad.


Dino Hamzic, Ivan Nastevski, Pavel Lyutko(no pic) and Razak Salifu all join from Eastern Europe. Each were regular first teamers for their former clubs and are Bangors big hopes for rises touching 80 - if SM ever get around to reviewing these leagues.

Other players to join are Jonas Strifler, Patrick Ziegler, Etien Huskic, Tomas Masanksy, Patrick Johansczik, Laurent Bernardi, Juha Pirinen, Danny Shelley, Kulegani Madondo, Ayanda Gcaba, Jorgo Waeghe, Thato Ferland, Christian Jolley and Steve Kinniburgh. Each worthy of a rise - but maybe only a point or 2.

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Guest 1CapWonder

Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread


The Hilton Factor


Barrow Finds Itself A Hero

The majority support of Barrow AFC couldn't believe their eyes when they woke up to see Elliot Hilton had agreed to manage their football club. By now, you would have assumed that the highly thought of 18 year old prodigee would be commanding large salaries and managing at the very top. However, those who know him better, will not be surprised at the move. Hilton loves a challenge, and staying up North has always been his preference. Barrow AFC and the opportunity to take them up through the divisions, just like he has done famously with Rochdale in EC106 and Altrincham in GC71, was simply too good to turn down. It's hard to fault his record. When he becomes attached to a football club, it's very hard to stop him working his magic. With an incredible eye for a player, he is arguably one of the finest scouts of British lower league talent. That in mind, the journey he is about to embark on, could be his greatest yet...


Hilton has a fine record on the pitch...

It would be an understatement to say Elliot Hilton doesn't carry baggage though. Following his first promotion with Rochdale in EC106, he conducted one of the biggest scandals of the decade. The young boss developed a taste for the celebrity lifestyle, and went on to marry Paris Hilton, one of the 7 girls involved in the post promotion scandal. With Paris, he had a baby boy called Jay Champion, but he has recentley split with the 29 year old socialite. His current baggage goes by the name of Heidi Montag, star of former American reality tv show, The Hills. Some fans despise it, some fans love it. Hilton will hope that Barrow fans can forgive him a bit of bad press, so long as he can continue to deliver genius on it. Early signings including Patrick Tischler, Nuno Reis, and Danny Green suggest he still has the ability to find, attract and sign good players. Is he too big for Barrow? Or is the challenge too big for Hilton? If it works, this could be special. Fans of Barrow AFC continue to rub their eyes.


...But off the pitch, Hilton has a reputation that's not so clean.

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread


Erik Lamela: This league is a joke!

Newport started of their Great British League campaign with a 2-1 away to Airbus, although it was a lot tighter than most expected. New signing Erik Lamela opened the scoring and set up Lorenzo Crisetig to make it 2-0 just after the half hour mark. Lamela was awarded the MOM award after the game.

Erik Lamela spoke via the Argentian translator:

I would just like to say, that in Argentina it was a lot harder. Although It was still easy for me, this league just cannot compare. If I wanted I could have scored a Hat Trick today. I felt sorry for those poor boys trying so hard to stop me. Maybe It was just their team. I hope there is at least one decent team in this league.


Controversial figure, Lamela

So there you have it, very arrogant comments from the young starlet, that may not go down too well with the Airbus manager Dave Izod and certainly not doing any favours to the Great British FA.

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Guest 1CapWonder

Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread


Barrow Transition Almost Complete


Hilton Hopes His Signings Shine

A win and a draw is a steady start to the new campaign, but Barrow AFC face an uphill battle from here on in. The fight begins tonight at home to Alloa, managed by the highly rated Adam Selby, who has spent big but been rewarded big in the transfer window already. Barrow's transfer activity has not exactly been reserved (Hilton spent £282,000 on Romanian striker Denis Alibec) but it has been controlled. The young manager has spent larger amounts of money in creating a strong spine for the team, opting to choose for younger, lower rated talents to play in the wider positions. With Hilton claiming his work in the transfer market is all but done, we assess how the great man has worked his magic with Barrow, and whether it is enough to keep his side in the top half of the table, and competing at the top of the 4th division...



Fernandez Andres

The £242,000 signing from Osasuna only completed his transfer this morning, and will not be ready for tonight's game, but he will almost certainly take over from the on loan Alan Martin after this game. Hilton has expressed his desire to bring in a reserve goalkeeper before the end of the transfer window.



Nuno Reis & Luke Dimech

Barrow's new centre back pairing (pictured above) blend a mixture of styles. Youth with experience. Classiness with no nonsense. Nuno Reis is very highly thought of in Belgiam, having endured a very successful spell with Cercle Brugge. However, it was Sporting Lisbon that decided to sell, and it can only be Barrow's gain to have him at Holker Street, even if it did cost a club record £338,000. Luke Dimech is a little older, and was a little cheaper, at just £82,000. Hilton will hope the experienced Maltese international can guide Reis through the game in England, and hopefully the pair can strike up a good understanding at the back.

The fullback positions have been handed to Martin Dechev, an £88,000 signing from CSKA Sofia, and Joe Widdowson, a £28,000 signing from Hilton's old side Rochdale. The pair will have to be on form as 20 year old utility man Ashley Westwood has also signed on at Barrow for a fee of £111,000. More than Hilton paid for his two first choice fullbacks altogether. The boss may need to bring in another couple of defenders, with Matt Heywood being linked with a move away from the club.



Rezic & Higginbotham

Hilton moved quickly to secure the services of 16 year old Crewe midfielder Nick Powell, before he had acquired anyone else. The £50,000 spent on him means he was more careful when bringing in wide men for Barrow. Kallum Higginbotham, who Hilton knows from his Rochdale days, signed on for £72,000 whilst one of the lower league's highest rated was secured with the £82,000 signing of Danny Green, likened to David Beckham in his crossing and set piece ability.

Hilton mulled over his options in the centre of the park, eventually settling on Kevin Wolze, the former Bolton wonderkid who left Germany for Wolfsburg a few seasons back. A snip at just £181,000, the 20 year old will provide creative spark whilst Ante Rezic, the £8,000 signing from Hadjuk Split, will provide cover. Hilton also moved to sign his new captain, Gary Jones from Rochdale. The 33 year old has sparkled with age and is now set to end his career under Hilton's guidance. It took a hefty £220,000 to prize him away from his beloved Rochdale, but it could prove signing of the season, as the ever energetic, box to box, goalscoring midfielder sets the standards on and off the pitch.



Ishak Belfodil & Denis Alibec

Hilton surprised many with the influx of foreign talent he has brought to Barrow AFC in the striker positions. Ishak Belfodil (£212,000 from Lyon) and Denis Alibec (£282,000 from Inter Milan) were both highly rated at top European clubs before being persuaded to sign for Elliot. Patrick Tischler was courted by a whole host of clubs before choosing Barrow, completing a £50,000 move.

All in all, things are looking fairly settled. There will be more tweaks and dealings in the next couple of weeks but Barrow will hope to continue their decent start to the season, and hope Hilton and Montag can stay out of trouble. So far, so good...


The newly labelled couple of "HElliot" have surprisingly toned it down since joining Barrow...

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread


SFC%2520Badge.jpg ...v... mancity01zs7.png



It looks as if the kick-off of tonights big Cup match between the mighty Stenhousemuir warriors and sassenach big-shots Manchester City may be delayed, as apparently the Manchester City coach driver is struggling to find Stenhousemuir on the map!

The Ochilview View can report that the team bus had to make a detour off the A74 where it stopped at Dinwoodie Lodge Hotel for directions.

Hamish Balfour, a guest at the hotel, stated, "Ah wiz pure shoacked when yon big beastie o' a bus poolt in and Tevez and Dzeko and Silva and Toure and aw them got oot.

Ah was haein a gab wi wee Gareth Barry, an he wiz sayin the coach driver wiz aw confused as he husnae had tae drive ootside of Englun afore, and disnae know his way roon Scoatlin.

Ah says tae him does he no have a Sat Nav and that ah'd come wi them fur tae gie directions but he just laughed and said he didnae think the Manager wid like that as it'd be pure embarrassin fur the club - an ah says whit and huvvin tae stoap fur directions isnae...?!"


"Ello? Ello? Where a eez theese place that you call a da Stenmuir House?"

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread



Stenhousemuir defeated East Fife 5-4 last night to set up a last 16 clash with Wigan on the 22nd March.

The Division 4 minnows were joined in the 4th Round by East Stirling who impressively beat Huddersfield on penalties after holding them 0-0, and were rewarded with an away tie at Blackpool.

Even more impressive was Histon's 3-1 victory over Middlesborough, and Histon must surely now fancy their chances at home against Coventry.

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 1, season 1 (half-way)


No great surprises so far in Division 1 with Arsenal leading the way still undefeated.

Some cynics may raise an eyebrow that the Old Firm are sitting comfortably mid-table with Rangers in particular doing well and no doubt keeping an eye on a Champions League spot.

Everton will be expected to haul themselves out of trouble but with only 6 points between the bottom ten clubs anything could still happen....

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 2, season 1 (half-way)


Only half-way through the season but Nottingham Forest inexplicably already look doomed, sitting rock bottom and without a single win :eek:

Hearts and Dundee United are battling away but could easily find themselves in trouble as the bottom half of the table is still so densely packed (except for Forest :rolleyes:).

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 3, season 1 (half-way)


The foot of Division 3 is being watched closely by those Division 4 managers who expect that it will be season 2 before they are equipped to make a promotion bid, and will be aware that the teams relegated from Division 3 will most likely be the favourites to go straight back up.

That said, Bournemouth look to be in a sorry state and even at this early stage look unlikely to survive, with Oldham and Huddersfield the other current drop zone occupants.

Of the Scottish teams Aberdeen are excelling and will hope to gain some kind of automatic promotion, while Hibs and Kilmarnock will have more modest ambitions for this season.

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 4, season 1 (half-way)


Fleetwood Town are currently 8 points clear at the top of Division 4 and the fans will be calling for the manager's head if the club does not now kick on and secure automatic promotion.

Of the chasing pack it's all quite close but Barrow will be hoping that their miserly defence will keep up the good work and give them the edge in the run-in, while the cynics will think that over-achieving Prestatyn's bubble must surely burst soon.

Of the mid-table teams Tamworth are in a shocking run of form and will hope to correct that before they slide down the table any further, while Stenhousemuir are going in the other direction as they are second only to Fleetwood in current form and are the only Division 4 team who are unbeaten in their last six league games.

In the Division 4 basement there appears to be a mini-league of three who will battle it out for the wooden spoon; Montrose, Annan, and The New Saints are in danger of being cut adrift although Montrose could point to their superior goal difference, especially in comparison to that of The New Saints who have shipped on average at least 4 goals every match, with their manager resolutely sticking to his 3-3-4 philosophy.

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 4 average attendances, season 1 (half-way)


Division 4 giants Newport and Fleetwood lead the way, as do most of the English clubs with the glaring exception of Hayes and Yeading who have only mustered a paltry average crowd/ gathering of 568 :eek:

All the more remarkable as they are in contention for the play-offs, but apparently the locals just haven't taken to outspoken manager Sir Mark Hughes and are clearly voting with their feet :P

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 4 top goalscorers, season 1 (half-way)


GBL supremo Onmi Edson will be dismayed to see only 5 British players make the top 25, which has Barrow's Denis Abelic and Ebbsfleet's Moses Ashikodi joint-top on 13 goals.

The most clinical striker thus far though would be Fleetwood's Denis D'Onofrio who has hit 12 goals in only 9 appearances :eek:

Special mention must of course go to Stenhousemuir's Bart Geraldo who has scored 11 goals from midfield so far this season, making him the highest scoring non-striker :D

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 4 top performances, season 1 (half-way)


Hayes & Yeading's Sergio Araujo and Ebbsfleet's Ciro Immobile lead the early running for Division 4's player of the season, while if Prestatyn's Yang Wang can get more games and keep playing to the same high standard he will be in the running too.

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 4 top assists, season 1 (half-way)


Barrow's talisman Denis Alibec shows that he is just as adept at creating goals as he is scoring them, while Alloa's Dieter Elsneg will be hoping to feature more regularly as he's shown he can create when given the opportunity.

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 4 most Man-of-the-Match awards, season 1 (half-way)


Dumbarton's Mattia Destro shows that when the mood takes him he can be very impressive, while just behind him - yep, it's that man Denis Alibec again and anyone could be forgiven for thinking that Barrow are a one-man team - at the very least it would be interesting to see how they cope should he coincidentally happen to get injured in the next match.......;)

Prestatyn's Yang Wang features again and incredibly has been Man of the Match in 50% of the games he has featured in :eek:

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread

Great British League: Division 4 Crime Count, season 1 (half-way)


Sadly the table that features the most British players is the hackers table with 11 spots occupied by the Brits.

Top of the crowd though is striker Mattia Destro of Dumbarton - given that he plays up front we can only guess that ill discipline and a tendancy to indulge in simulation are the prime causes.... :confused::P

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread



QUALIFIERS (Wednesday 20th April):

Hayes & Yeading v The New Saints (No game, The New Saints progress unless disputed)

Albion Rovers 0 v 1 Annan Athletic

Airbus v Montrose (No game, Montrose progress unless disputed)

Llanelli v East Fife (No game, East Fife progress unless disputed)


Newport County v Dumbarton

Barrow AFC v East Stirlingshire

Tamworth v Histon

Bangor v Stenhousemuir

Prestatyn Town v Ebbsfleet United

Annan Athletic v East Fife

Montrose v Fleetwood Town

The New Saints v Alloa Athletic

All home teams should send the invite; all ties to be played on Saturday 30th April




All draws via Random.org, no restrictions on any players to be used, rules in the event of tie being drawn are as stated on the GBL Manager's Meeting Room social group.

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread


Newport County 2 v 1 Dumbarton

Barrow AFC v East Stirlingshire - no game

Tamworth v Histon - no game

Bangor v Stenhousemuir - no game

Prestatyn Town 1 v 4 Ebbsfleet United

Annan Athletic 1 v 3 East Fife

Montrose v Fleetwood Town - no game

The New Saints v Alloa Athletic - no game

In all ties where no game took place the away team progresses as the responsibility for arranging the tie rests with the home team - if however any of the home teams made the invite but got no response please let me know ASAP:)

Quarter-final draw to follow....

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Re: The Great British League - Match Report & News Thread


East Fife v Alloa Athletic No match - Alloa Athletic progress

Fleetwood Town 3 v 1 Newport County

East Stirlingshire 1 v 1 Stenhousemuir East Stirlingshire progress on shots on target' date=' possession etc :mad:;)

[b']Ebbsfleet United[/b] v Histon No match - Histon progress as Ebbsfleet allegedly did not send invite


Alloa Athletic v Fleetwood Town

East Stirlingshire v Histon

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