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English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

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Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13) 1st Round Results [H] Rochdale 3-2 Southampton [A] [H] Southampton - Rochdale [A] (Postponed to Thursday due to thick snow on pi

Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13) Message To All Participants: Firstly, I would like to thank every single participants in the Under-23 Youth Cup Season 12/13.

Re: English Championship 106 - Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

I may join (can I confirm within the next few days)' date=' may i ask roughly how long would this whole tournament take?Thanks.[/quote']

It depends on the number of participants. I suspect the final would be in early next season. If you got knocked out in the early round, then you don't have to worry about it. :P

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Re: English Championship 106 - Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

You're still able to join in. Anyone is still able to join until maybe by next Wednesday. I'll have to confirm with Sean again as he will be doing the teams draw.

Ah okay then. I was in a youth cup a few seasons back so would be good to join again, easily got enough players.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

These are all my players available for the tournament apart from a few lower rated ones, I have a few :). Only one keeper though who might not even count, so I need to bring one in.

GK: Joe Lewis

RB: Gaston Diaz

Neal Eardley

CB: Juan Forlin

Perreia Maicon

Andre Pinto

Leandro Cabrera

Silvan Buchli

LB: Jose Angel

Patrick van Aanholt

Ryan McGivern

Def: Dejan Lovren

LM/W: Jay Emmanuel Thomas

Eren Albayarak

RM/W: Dino Skvorch

CM: Ander Iturraspe

Joe Allen

Granddi Ngoyi

Nicolas Gorobsov

AM: Mehdi Carcela-Gonzalez

Rafael Boquita

F: Jonathan Cristaldo

Jay Simpson

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Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

Charlton Under-23 Youth Team


- Cabral Rafael 82

- Fernandez Aitor 75


- Micah Richards RB/CB 89 B)

- Teixeira Douglas CB 89 B)

- Francois Affolter CB 85 B)

- Garcia Kevin LB 82

- Serge Aurier RB/LB 82

- Andreu Fontas CB/LB 84

- Fernando Tobio CB/RB 83

- Christopher Avevor CB/RB 78

- Luca Caldirola CB/LB 78

- Steven Saunders Def 82


- Axel Witsel CM 89 B)

- Javier Pastore AM 90 B)

- Jano Ananidze AM/Wing 84

- Eduardo Salvio 87 Wing/Fwd B)

- Joel Matip 85 DM/CB B)

- Juan Carlos LM/AM 77

- James Henry RM/AM 78

- Josef Souza DM 84

- Nampalys Mendy DM 82

- Ignacio Camacho CM/DM 83

- Henri Lansbury CM/AM 83

- Sergi Roberto AM 82

- Nacer Barazite Wing/AM 83


- Tomas Necid CF 88 B) (will return from Fulham after Saturday's game)

- Alexandre Lacazette Fwd 78

- Lennart Thy CF 77

There are load of other lower rated players who are not worth mentioning.

B) - 85 or above.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

Think I can enter seeing as I have some time and its changed to u-23

Goalkeeper (my weakest undoubtly)

Ramon Darley 21 78

Defenders (>84)

Kamil Glik 22 85

Gaetano Beradi 22 84

Sebastian Corchia 20 87

Mario Fernandes 20 85

Yaroslav Rakytskyy 21 87

Giuseppe Bellusci 21 84

Midfielders (>85)

Renato Augusto 23 89

Neves Denilson 22 89

Ivan Rakitic 22 88

Mesut Ozil 22 93

Diego Buonanotte 22 88

Josip Ilicic 22 86

Mauro Formica 22 86

Nicolas Gaitan 22 87

Sandro Ranieri 21 88

Armin Bacinovic 21 85

Kevin Pezzoni 21 85

Kwadwo Asamoah 22 88

Andre Schurrle 20 87

Marco Medel 21 85

Victor Giuliano 20 87

Miroslav Stoch 21 87

Iker Muniain 18 86

Gabriel Obertan 21 86

Ezequiel Schelotto 21 85


Robert Lewandowski 22 87

Irven Avila 20 82

German Pacheco 19 80

Too bad for the <1988 rule ...if not the likes of Pedro, Tasci, Zarate, Cavani would be included and now that leaves me short up front and behind:(

EDIT: Oh yeah Canales and Dragovic are out on loan but I won't recall them due to this.....

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

Crewe's likely squad:


Room 80GK

Fiorolli 80GK


Bell 80CB

Nordtveit 84 def/DM

Neuton 78 CB/LB


Walcott 89 wing/fwd

Goulon 85 Cm/DM

Bender 86 Dm/CM

Boudebouz 86 Wing/AM

Griezman 86 Wing/Fwd

Defederico 85 Wing/fwd

Fofano 83 DM

Lestienne 80 Wing/fwd


Kadlac 83Fwd

Goodwilie 84CF

Modeste 86 Fwd/wing

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Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)




Ivan Kelva (22) 82


Yohan Benalouane (23) 86

Caldeira Romulo (23) 80

Michael Mancienne (23) 85

Thomas Mangani (23) 85

Jordy Buijs (22) 80

Gavin Hoyte (20) 77


Jack Colback CM/LM (21) 82

Theo Robinson Fwd/AM (21) 77

Bakary Sako Wing/AM (22) 86

Alejandro Gomez AM/Wing (22) 88

Toko Bundebele DM/RB (20) 80

Grégory Sertic AM/Wing (21) 84

Volkan Wing Sen (23) 87


Marcos Gullon DM/CM (21) 84

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Fwd/Wing (21) 86

Alberto Bueno Fwd/Wing (22) 82

Depending on the pennies, I may a few more if that's ok ?

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Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

I'll give it a try please. Thank you.


Murara Neto, 83. About to rise to 86 or so.

Matthieu Dreyer, 83.


Fabio Coentrao, 90. LB/LM.

Sebastian Jung, 85. RB.

Ondrej Mazuch, 86. CB/RB.

Mathias Zanka Jorgensen, 85. CB.

Matias Martinez, 84. CB.

Didac Vila, 83. LB.

Jon Aurtenetxe, 83. CB/LB.

Mario Maloca, 83. CB/DM.

Souza Welinton, 82. CB. Due a rise very soon.

Fernando Navarro, 84. Def.


Dusan Tadic, 86. Wing/AM.

Ja-Cheol Koo, 86. CM/DM.

Manuel Schmiedebach, 85. CM/RB.

Ariel Borysiuk, 83. DM/CM.

Bit-Garam Yoon, 83. CM/AM.

Arnaud Sutchin, 82. Mid.

Alexsandr Sapeta, 82. CM/AM. Due a rise very soon.

Lars Stindl, 85. AM/Wing.

Vladimir Koman, 86. AM/Wing.

Hiroshi Kiyotake, 83. AM/Wing.

Mu Kanazki, 86. Wing/AM.

Marco Fabian, 84. Wing/AM.

Young-Cheol Cho, 84. Wing/Fwd.


Barcellos Taison, 87. Fwd/Wing.

Emilio Nsue, 85. CF.

Marko Arnautovic, 86. Fwd/Wing.

Nils Petersen, 83. Fwd.

Artur Sobiech, 84. Fwd.

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

Cup Draw - 1st Round

Due to the number of teams involved, the first round will consist of 4 ties and 12 bye's. However, if any more teams wish to join in we can add them to the draw.

Rochdale vs Southampton

Bradford vs Hull

Notts County vs Doncaster

Liverpool vs Swansea


Southend United

Crewe Alexandra

Preston North End

Leyton Orient



Huddersfield Town

West Bromwich Albion

Nottingham Forest

Grimsby Town

Charlton Athletic

Sheffield United

All ties are 2 legs with the first leg to be arranged tonight or Thursday, and the second leg next Sunday

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Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

Right, this is my full and confirmed team :)


Sebastian Mielitz, GK, 80, 21yo


Patrick van Aanholt, LB/CB, 80, 20yo

Ryan McGivern, LB, 79, 21yo

Jose Angel, LB/LM, 86, 21yo

Gaston Diaz, RB/RM, 86, 22yo

Neal Eardley, RB, 82, 22yo

Andre Pinto, CB, 82, 21yo

Leandro Cabrera, CB/LB, 80, 19yo

Juan Forlin, CB/DM, 88, 23yo

Pereria Maicon, CB, 87, 22yo

Dejan Lovren, DEF, 87, 21yo


Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, LM/AM, 82, 20yo

Eren Albayarak, LM/Wing, 75, 19yo

Dino Skvorch, RM/RB, 80, 20yo

Ander Iturraspe, CM/DM, 83, 21yo

Joe Allen, CM, 82, 20yo

Nicolas Gorobsov, CM/RM, 81, 21yo

Mehdi Carcela-Gonzalez, AM/Wing, 85, 21yo

Rafael Boquita, AM/CM, 84, 20yo

Granddi Ngoyi, CM/DM, 83


Jonathan Cristaldo, F, 86, 21yo

Jay Simpson, F, 84, 22yo

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Re: English Championship 106 - Under-23 Youth Cup (Season 12/13)

English Championship 106 Under-23 Youth Cup Season 12/13


The Youth Cup has been part of EC106 tradition and this season edition' date=' the tournament will be slightly different from the previous two editions. In the previous Youth Cup, there were group stages and knockout rounds for the top two winners of each group. This new upcoming Youth Cup, for the first time, there will be no group stages and all teams will go through knockout stages.

On each knockout round, there will be two legs to be played; home and away. Aggregate scoreline will be used from both legs to decide the winner. Away goal will be activated if both team ended with a draw after the 2 legs. However, if both teams ended with similar draw (e.g 1-1) on both home and away games, the first goal in the first leg will decide the winner. In the first round, there will be bye to some teams, depending on the number of teams participated.

[b']The rules for the tournament are as follows.[/b]

- Players must be 23 years old or below (born after 31 December 1987)

- No rating limit. (60 to 99)

- No players limit.

Managers need to field players with the age of 23 or below, simple! But if anyone failed to follow the simple rules, their team will be disqualifed immediately from the Youth Cup regardless of the scoreline. Also, if the home team failed to send friendly match request to the away team, the away team will be given a 1-0 victory in that leg. Vice versa.

So if you are the home team and have sent a request, do your job to post about the request in this thread. Vice versa.

So if you think your young generation team have what it takes to compete in this prestigious Youth Cup, send your Forum name, Club name to me via VM/in-game PM by this Friday. Alternatively, you may include your Forum name and Club name in this thread or on the group discussion. No PM please (my PM is nearly full, sorry)

*Do take note in the changes in age limit.*

Liverpool will play Swansea on Thursday ;)

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