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Birmingham rise to greatness | EC 7546 |

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Re: Birmingham rise to greatness | EC 7546 |

Birmingham welcome Leddy to St. Andrews.


Rumours have been spreading since your arrival that you will be canceling the loan of Bentley to bring in a Spurs player on Loan?.

Well we're negoitiateing a deal with the Spurs manager but I insist it's not about cancelling Bentleys' loan contract here at St.Andrews.

We've heard you've been following Neymar and Necids' recent performances, would you like to bring these players to Birmingham.

Yes I've been watching their recent performances and I'm very keen, I would love to have that duo up-front for Birmingham.

Any other transfer news.

We're currently in the market for a LB.

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Re: Birmingham rise to greatness | EC 7546 |

Birmingham sign talented youth.


Birmingham have introduced the signing of Brazilian wonderkid Silva Neymar, It is believed Neymar joined Birmingham for a fee of 2.5million and Jiranek and Jerome going the Brazilian way. Neymar who is Brazils hottest and most exciteing talent will now be showing his class in the Premier league.

Leddy had this to say.

As soon as I took over the Birmingham job from Mcleish I we'nt straight for Neymar and another player later introduced if all go's according to plan, We had tough competition from believe it or not Bristol City who provided tough competition but Neymar knew were he wanted to be - Here at St. Andrews.

Neymar is expected to make his debut for Birmingham against Stoke City on the 26th of January in a friendly clash, Let's hope he does well.

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Re: Birmingham rise to greatness | EC 7546 |

Birmingham add to Forward line.


Birmingham have signed the Czech Republic forward for Nikola Zigic and Kevin Phillips which is a very good deal for the English side Birmingham, Necid was excited to sign for Birmingham and no contest for Necid. The 21 year old forward will team up with Neymar to form the deadliest partner ship in England, Necid will also take part in the friendly when Birmingham take on Stoke City on the 26th of January, Lets hope he those well with Neymar.

I was excited to find out from the chairman Necid was on his way to Birmingham for teh medical and our bid was accepted, I don't regret the players I offered as Kevin Phillips is to old and Zigic is to lazy so It worked on are part as Necid is young and very moveing on the pitch, I know he can do well with Neymar

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Re: Birmingham rise to greatness | EC 7546 |

Birmingham add three more to squad.

It's been confirmed that Birmingham have added strenght to their midfield by secureing Tom Huddlestone on a season long loan from Tottenham, Huddlestone was not needed in Spurs plans and was shipped off to Birmingham to help out their plans for a great season.


Birmingham have also secured the signings of a talented RB and a superb LB, Ignazio Abate and Fabio Coentrao, with these signings they have added great strenght to Birminghams defence who consist of Abate, Roger Johnson, Scott Dann and Coentrao. This could be considered one of the strongest defences in England and Birmingham are hopeing to add more to the defence soon..


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