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Codina and Mario


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Hi, not being a massive follower of Spanish football i'm not really sure how these two are doing, i gather Mario isn't doing too well as he dropped in December to 86.

Could anyone give me ratings predictions for them both as well a brief report on how they're both doing.

The players are Alvarez Mario and Jordi Codina, they both play for Getafe.

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Re: Codina and Mario

I can go purely on the stat side, which is more useful here than I first anticipated...

Codina seems first choice with 16 starts out of a possibly 20, so he could have a very slight chance of a +1 but I'd predict 87/88

Mario hasn't featured all season, he might be in danger of a -1 again, the best that can be hoped for is a stay. I'd advised getting rid of him for sure tbh, surely there's better out there?

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