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[Daniel Celso] Jara Martínez - Great Talent, Great Story


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Jara Martínez


Age: 17

Nationallity: Paraguayan

Position: Striker

Club: Palermo

His Career:

Wondering about his name? Well, his official name is Jara Martínez, but he has two additional names as well (which is Daniel and Celso obviously) and he is using the name Daniel on the shirt.

So let's roll on the story;

The Palermoritarian audience are finding it hard to ge charmed about the youngsters from every corner of the world that are popping up in Sicily. Rino Foschi rolled on the story by snatching the biggest outfits in Europe on Edinson Cavani. He followed that up by bringing in the now Wolfsburg-departed defender, Simon Kjaer. Foschi would leave shortly afterwards and in came Walter Sabatini. After some months of scouting, Abel Hernandez and Pastore checked-in at Palermo. This was just the start of the carousel and in 2010, players such as Ezequiel Muñoz, Armin Bacinovic, Josip Ilicic, João Pedro and Pajtim Kasami checked-in.

Jara Martínez caught the eye of Palermo about a year ago in the Torneo di Viareggio. It was the agent Gabriele Giufrrida who recomended Walter Sabatini to take a further look at Martínez. The winter-mercato had already been closed by then and most of the teams directors would just relax 'till the summer, but that isn't the style of Palermo (Sabatini). Sabatini sent one of the most skillful scouts of Palermo, Luca Cattani, to the tournament to follow

Jara Martínez's progression in the game between Club Nacional (his club) and Gremio. It took Cattani approximately around 20 minutes to get convinced and he took the decision of bordering him on a plane to Italy.

The directors at Palermo actually took Martínez to Palermo in a strange outfit (fake-moustache, hat and sun-glasses) in order to secure his services for Palermo, beacuse, as I said, the transfer-window wasn't open and as Martínez was followed by teams such as Inter, Lazio and Everton, Palermo didn't want the media to know that Martínez was training with Palermo. Palermo were afraid that these teams would offer him a better contract and he'd diss Palermo. He was often training with A-squad of Palermo, but always behind ''closed doors''. He was often impressive on the trainings and the media started to write about ''a certain Mr X is training with Palermo''. In the end, Palermo gave the media a name - ''Gonzalez, a 16-year old striker from Paraguay - nothing more. Several newspapers around at Sicily took a further look on this ''Gonzalez'' and they gave him the name Pablo Gonzalez.

For about a half a year, everyone though Pablo Gonzalez were on a test at Palermo, but on Palermo's official website, on the last day of the summer-mercato '10, you could read that ''Daniel Celso Jara Martínez has now signed a 3-year contract with Palermo. Later, Sabatini would admit that Jara Martínez is this ''Gonzalez''.

This season, Jara Martínez has been sitting on the Serie A-bench at occasions for Palermo and he got his debut against Parma, yesterday, when he came into the game in the 71th minute. However, Paletta and co. easily took advantage of their physics towards Martínez and he found it hard as the ''tip'' in a 3-men attack to pose as much to the Parma defence as a player such as Miccoli can do. However, he and the Palermo fans will for sure remember his debut further down the line, as Jara Martínez decided how they game would end.

After 120 minutes, the game was still a draw and the game would be decided through penalties. Valiani, who took the 5th penalty for Parma, missed his penalty and it now stood 4-4. If Palermo would score this fourthcoming penalty, they'd advance to the semifinals. Jara Martínez didn't show any signs of mental weakness and comfortably stepped down to the penalty-spot, he converted his penalty and Palermo advanced in the Coppa Italia.

That's how a star is born.


  • Very speedy player.

  • Confident with the ball.

  • Deadly infront of the goal.

  • Reminds me of the Brazilian Ronaldo.


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