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Best Teams In SoccerManager

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager


This is my best team,when I took them,before one year,maybe little bit more,they had many dropers,for example Elano,Totti,Diego Ribas,Kaka,and exchanged them for players like Higuain,Eto'o etc,and bought many risers,because I had a lot of money,and higher rated players were not available.

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager

This my lineup for my Inter Milan squad:

Van Der Sar

Maicon (95) Vidic (96) Zanetti (94) Cole (94)

Kaka (95) Xavi (97) Cambaisso (95)

Villa/Eto'o (96)

Ronaldo (98) Messi (98)

I just need to buy Pique to replace Zanetti at CB position

This is my updated Inter Milan Squad:

Van Der Sar (94)

Maicon (95) Vidic (96) Pique (95) Cole (94)

Ronaldo (98) Xavi (97) Combaisso (95)

Eto'o (96)

Villa (96) Messi (98)

I think that the highest team average you can get is 96' date=' because that is what my team average is.[/center']

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager

I bet one thing these teams have in common' date=' the average rating of the first 18 is 95. Can anyone point me to a team with a average first 18 that is 96 ? Is that even possible ?

I would like to know the gameworld number so i can look myself.[/quote']

96 average from 18 is impossible.

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager

Is that damour a riser :confused:

loic damour is a talent, was france u16 captain, has been in u17,u18 and u19 squads.

captain at strasbourg at just 20

had a trial at koln earlier this month.

aston villa had interest a while back

club want 1.5M euro for him though so may have to stay

could be a late bloomer,certainly something there.

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager



MAICON, Douglas 95

PIQUE, Gerard 95

EVRA, Patrice 94

LAHM, Philipp 94

CHIELLINI, Giorgio 94

MARCELO, Vieira 92

ALBIOL, Raúl 91

LUIZ, David 90


RIBERY, Franck 95

SNEIJDER, Wesley 95


DE ROSSI, Daniele 94


SILVA, David 93

MARCELO, Vieira 92

KHEDIRA, Sami 91

MULLER, Thomas 91

NEYMAR, Silva 89

GOTZE, Mario 88

MUNIAIN, Iker 88


MESSI, Lionel 99

VILLA, David 96

PATO, Alexandre 92

These are my best players

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager

Proud to put my team in it: avg. 91, age 23











Really, mostly this team is unbeatable, despite not having any 93+'ers :D

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager

My Inter Milan:

Cesar (94)

Maicon (95) --- R.Ferdinand (94) --- Pique (95) --- Zanetti (93)

C.Ronaldo (98) --- Cambiasso (95) --- Mascherano (93) --- Ozil (94)

Ibrahimovic (96) --- Messi (99)


Turnbull (85)

Chivu (91)

Pepe (93)

Stankovic (92)

Van Der Vaart (92)

Torres (94)

Van Persie (93)

Notable Reserves:

Criscito (90)

Fanni (89)

Motta (90)

Agger (90)

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager

Had an urge to post my squad(85+) haha. Not the best, but it is only after 1 season.

Keep in mind, I play a 3-4-1-2

Gk:Valdes (93), Viviano(89)

CB:Puyol (96), Pique(95), Mexes(92), Westerman(91), Coentrao(91), Sakho(90), Jonathan(88), Fontas(86), Montoya(85), Batra(85), Kelly(85)

RM: Dani Alves(95), Herrera(88), Muniain(88)

LM:Ozil(94), Adriano(91), Griezmann(88)

CM:Xavi(97), Busquets(94), Khedira(91), Keita(91), Ganso(89), Thiago(86), Dos Santos(85)

AM:Iniesta(97), Young(90), Coutinho(86)

Fwd:Messi(99), Ronaldo(98), Pedro(93), Lukaku(88), Hoilett(86)

I have the largest squad in the Division(193 including 10 loaned out) with most being young players, so hopefully I can make my team better :D

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager

Not the best team out there, obviously, but I have established a great foundation for the future.

I am West Ham. After one season, this is my starting 11..

Asenjo/Ospina (88)

Azpilicueta (89).. Hummels (91).. Kjaer (90).. Coentrao (91)

A.Sanchez (91).. M'Vila (90).. Anderson (90).. Di Maria (92)

Pjanic (90)

Jovetic (90)

Average age of starting 11 = 22

Average rating of starting 11 = 90

Notable other players include - Balotelli (89), Ganso (89), Bojan Krkic (88), Forlin (88), Coleman (87), Rodwell (87), Coutinho (86), Thiago Alacantara (86) and others..

Average age of squad = 21.

Squad size of 27 players. B)

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager

I Think that I have one of the best teams around with good balance.

My Boca Juniors in World Championship 18 is the reigning champion for the second time (3 times runner-up) and looks like this:

Cech (GK)

Pepe (CB)---Pique(CB)---Kompany(CB)





Orion/Koval (GK)

Hummels (CB)

Sahin (CM)

Navas (RM/Wing)

Schweinsteiger (CM/DM)

Damiao (CF)

Aguero (Fwd)

Honourable Mentions:

Musacchio (CB)

Otamendi (CB/RB)

Munoz (CB)

Coates (CB)

M'vila (DM/CM) Loaned out

Borja Valero (CM/AM)

Pastore (AM)

Andre Ayew (Wing/Fwd)

Alexis Sanchez (Fwd/Wing)

Mario Gomez (CF) Loaned out

My team is very large: 198 players including 156 youth players!

I just sold great talents like:

Badstuber (CB/LB)

Banega (CM/DM)

Luis Suarez (Fwd)

Javier Hernandez (CF)

Lukaku (CF)

because they had concerns.

What a monster heh ?!!:D

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Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager

I also have a team in WC 8711 just like Ankur Saha

I am the manager of Chelsea.

And my Chelsea team just crushed Ankur Saha's Inter by 6-1 !! :eek:

And my team looks like this:

Cech (GK)

Alex (CB)--Terry(CB)--Kjaer(CB)










J. Hernandez(CF)

Cavani (Fwd)

Great team hah !:D

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