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A-League Closures?


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Anyone know anything about Australian game worlds being closed after only a couple of seasons? Its happened to me twice now.

I know hardly anyone plays these leagues and there is only a handful of teams, but why close them down just as we are getting started?

Or am I extreamly unlucky and pick the ones that will be closed?

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Re: A-League Closures?

Ahhh thanks! I just checked' date=' and yes I am the only one left in this league. Do they still close it if someone else comes along in the meantime and takes over a team?

(Strange that I didn't know about this, given I have been playing for ages now haha)[/quote']

No, unfortunately once the decision to close the league is made, SM don't normally reverse the decision :(

Could this happen with customs leagues

It's possible in custom leagues where the owner has relinquished control of the league.

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