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SM Scouting 101


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This thread is an attempt to reduce the mod's job by having the right posts only on here. There are an awful lot of duplicates, as well as posts with faulty informationt that we have to fix. In fact, I've seen a lot of the brilliant scouts of the past simply stop scouting, or hide out in the General Football section (Which appears to be as effictive as Player Discussion for scouting lately). We always try to welcome new scouts with open arms, it just helps if the general guidelines are followed.

If you want to be a scout, you can't get away with just saying he's good. You need proof, you need to read articles about him, and you definatly need more than the guardian, espn or another of those tacky sites. They are one of the most unreliable sites you can get.

With the amount of people who want to scout players, you won't be able to get away with posting faulty information, especially not about players who have already been mentionned.

Here are the steps I'd recommend:

1) Look up stats on guardian or some other stats site. Find a player who has played a lot with a small rating, or a player with a lot of potential.

2) Use the search tool on the forum to see if he has a thread on him. If he does, either post your information on that thread or keep it to yourself.

3) Go to the player's team's official website and get all of the players information. Usually, the team website is the most accurate when it comes to age, position, D0B, Nationality and, for the brazilians, real name.

4) Search his name in Google, and in Google News, to try to find articles about him, interviews, whatever you can find. Tell us as much as you can as to why we should purchase this player.

5) Try to find a youtube video. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth more.

Once that is done, make a nice writeup about the player and post it in the right section (if it's a riser, in Player Ratings, if he's a young player with talent, in PTS). You will find that the response is much better for a single player scouted in this way then for a list of 100 players who have already been mentionned, or without information. Also, try to have a catchy, but not a faulty title. Something that will get people to read, but do not overrate your player. That will turn people off.

If anyone want to have a try at scouting, want to get me to review some information, or have any other questions, just send me a PM, I'm usually not too far away.

If anyone has anything to add, let me know, I'll edit it in. :)

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