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Italian Championship 2468 - IT NEEDS YOU!

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There isn't a highly competitive Italian Championship on the forum but there really should be and this is it!

Managers of clubs:

Serie A

Bari - Dom Latouche

Bologna - Nikidinho

Brescia - Biffy Clark



Cesena - NapoliFan101

Chievo - drseanfitz



Internazionale - Non-forumer

Juventus - Non-forumer


Leece - DarloFC

Milan - Unmanaged

Napoli - Kroitzz

Palermo - Leddy


Roma - Non-forumer

Sampdoria - Poison27


Serie B

AlbinoLeffe - Froz3n

Ascoli - Dale 147

Atalanta - KopStar

Cittadella - sirmarkhughes

Crotone - Unmanaged

Empoli - MiddlesboroughFC

Frosinone - Angus.Taylor

Grosseto - Unmanaged

Livorno - Angelo1

Modena - Unmanaged

Novara - Unmanaged

Padova - mattygcfc

Pescara - Unmanaged

Piacenza - Ezekial

Portogruaro-Summaga - Unmanaged

Reggina - Ahmad Rivai


Siena - Jonaldinho22

Triestina - Mr-Hammer

Torino - Valentia Fc rule

Varese - Unmanaged


Serie C

Athletico Roma

Alessandria - Unmanaged

Benevento - Unmanaged

Cavese - Unmanaged

Cosenza - Unmanaged

Cremonese - Unmanaged

Foggia - Unmanaged

Gubbio - Unmanaged

Juve Stabia - Unmanaged

Lanciano - Unmanaged

Lumezzane - Unmanaged

Pisa - Unmanaged

Nocerina - Unmanaged

Ravenna - Unmanaged

Reggiana - Unmanaged


Sorrento - Unmanaged

SPAL - Unmanaged

Spezia - Unmanaged

Ternana - Unmanaged

Taranto - Mental Mackhem


Facebook group link: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=18100&uid=217221339034#!/pages/Italian-Championship-2468/134041983330196

What are you waiting for? Join!

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Re: Italian Chamionship 2468 - OPENING SOON! MAKE SURE YOU ARE PART OF IT!

Haha how are they similar?

I got Napoli so I'm pleased with that. First choice' date=' Milan was reserved but anyway :)[/quote']

Did'nt get Reading :( :( so took Palermo

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Re: Italian Chamionship 2468 - OPENING SOON! MAKE SURE YOU ARE PART OF IT!

Got a rubbish bid for Lavezzi from Parma.

I will consider bids for Hamsik and Lavezzi. They have to be decent bids though :)

Hehe I did'nt make a bid :)

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