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Italian Championship 2468 - IT NEEDS YOU!


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Riferimento: Italian Championship 2468 - NOW ON FACEBOOK!


Samp 5






Livorno 3




Good test for my squad.I play very well' date='i have more shot .I think that i can win div.2[/quote']

Wonderful match, really strong Livorno!

I think that you can win 2Division ;)

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Re: Italian Championship 2468 - NOW ON FACEBOOK!

History of AS Taranto Calcio

Colors: Red and Blue stripes, blue shorts, blue socks

Nickname(s): Ionici (Ionics) and Rossoblu' (Red and Blues)

Stadium: Stadio Erasmo Iacovone, built in 1965, it holds 26,000 people.

History: The first soccer club in Taranto was founded in 1904 and named Mario Rapisardi by a group of students. They started playing and followed the English example. In 1906 they became the US Pro Italia, and in 1911 another club was formed called Audace Foot Ball Club, and they became rivals. In 1920 there was a game between the two, with Audace winning 3-0 and also winning all the ticket money and the game ball. During the 1920s, 6 clubs sprung up in Taranto! However in 1927 former rivals Pro Italia and Audace merged to form AS Taranto, and in 1928 absorbed another local club. After World War II, yet another club formed, this time named US Arsenale Taranto, formed by members of the Italian Navy. This club, in 1946, was promoted to Serie B. In 1947, yet another merger occured, with AS Taranto and Arsenale Taranto merging to become US Arsenaltaranto. In 1955 the sailors left the club and the club was again renamed AS Taranto. During these times the club jumped around between Serie C and B. In 1965 the new Salinella stadium (later renamed Erasmo Iacovone) was inaugurated, and it was built in an impressive 100 days. In the 1977/78 season, Taranto were surprising many with a promotion challenge and were looking to reach Serie A for the first time ever. However, in February of that year, star striker Erasmo Iacovone was killed in a car accident. After the death, the club plummeted down the table, and their promotion hopes were washed away.



The stadium was renamed in his honor. After this horrific moment, the club went downhill. In 1985, the club went bankrupt and had to start all over again from Eccellenza as Taranto Football Club. In 1993 the club went bankrupt again, and changed to AS Taranto 1906 and even won the 1994/95 Serie D title. The joy was short lived as the club went bankrupt yet again in 1998, this time the name changed to US ArsenalTaranto. In the summer of 2000 the club was sold to new investors and the name was changed to Taranto Calcio and they were admitted to Serie C2. However in 2004 the club was declared bankrupt yet again, but this time the Petrucci law saved them and they started anew in Serie C2. Vito Luigi Blasi bought the club and renamed them Taranto Sport. In the 2005/2006 season, they made the playoffs and beat Rende, gaining promotion to Serie C1 and bringing joy to the city. In the current season, Taranto surprisingly made the playoffs, however they lost to Avellino in the playoff semifinal.



this success brings new optimism for the upcoming season, and Taranto will look to be promoted to Serie B for the first time in a very long time.

Harper stated that "there is some tough competetion with Verona,Salernitana,Atl Roma & Reggiana i'm convdent that Taranto can make the play-offs"

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