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Favourible Leagues/Teams for Rating increases


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I've dumped a lot of smaller league players in the last year, because it's irritating watching your players hold off Inter Milan in the quarter final of the Champions league, then get a -1 for their troubles because of uefa coefficients.

You all know, when that Brazilian starlet goes to Shaktar, or Zenit, instead of Sevilla or Fiorentina you are disappointed, as their potential to be a rating increase superstar has just nose dived. At the same time, if your amazing Seria A megastar goes off to the Premiership, the nerves kick in, you brace for a ratings reality check, the is high chance of failure or the highlighting of a players deficiencies.

This got me thinking, is this instinctual feeling simply because certain leagues favour certain characteristics in players? Or is it based upon your feelings about certain leagues being overrated or underrated by SM?

I've been thinking about this for some time I conclude 2 things. Top players at Medium rated leagues in europe are underrated. There should be more flexibility for a top players performing week in week out in Russia or Portugal to get a 92. I'd also love to see some 91's in leagues like Greece or Turkey. I also think the premiership's toughness means it's not the destination I would chose first for my players, but it does allow the AAA players to realise their potential. Overall though I'd say premiership is slightly underrated, Seria A a tiny bit high and Spain and Germany about right.

Favourites -

I love seeing players with potential go to mid/upper table Bundesiga, Seria A teams. High chance of starting, high chance of very speedy rating increases. Portuguese league is also good for players to get up to 88/89 or so quickly. Top French sides also enjoy nice high potential for ratings in a league that isn't that toughest.

Least Favourite -

Shaktar, any Russian team (underrated league in general where players stagnate at 88 or 89), or any league with a cold climate.

Low level premiership can also signal ratings potential is over.

Manchester United as a fringe player - high chance of few games or flopping.

Turkey or Greece - they will probably never break 89 even if they are very good.

Any team at a small european league - you hope they star enough to move to a bigger league within a few seasons!

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