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Top 10 under 20's


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Re: Top 10 under 20's

People seem to have gotten most of the names from UEFA, but we might mention:

Luc Casnos


Danny Wilson

Christian Clemens

Benik Afobe (apparently a stud, but who knows when he'll crack Arsenal's first side)

Some from around the globe:

Takashi Usami

Bit Garam Yoon (played lights out for South Korea in the Asian Cup)

Dong-Won Ji (Ditto)

Erik Lamela

And my personal favorite at the moment:

Yohandry Orozco... primarily because of this:


Granted he just made the move to Wolfsburg, so now he can be considered part of the European brood.

Do any of these guys have the chance to crack the top 10?

I think within the next 2 years, Lamela, Orozco, and Isco have a shot, but we'll have to see how they develop over the summer and how their teams do in the coming years, but they're certainly ones to keep an eye on.

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Re: Top 10 under 20's

Looking thru my teams, hoping the top 10 (19 and under) will be made up from:

1. Neymar, 2. Lukaku, 3. Eriksen, 4. Gotze, 5. Hazard, 6. Wilshere, 7. Lucas, 8. Lanzini, 9. Thiagio Alcantara, 10. Lamela, 11. Luc Castingos(sp?) 12. Iturbe, 13. Coutinho, 14. Wellington Silva, 15. Draxler

Probably missed someone out but honourable mentions also for:

Delac(GK, 84), McEachran (CM, 75), Wickham (F, 80) , Nick Powell (AM, 70), Casemiro(DM, 82), Eron(LB, 78), Sarabia(W/Fwd, 75), Funes Mori(CF, 85), Aurier (RB/LB, 82), Jones (CB, 85), Griezmann (W/Fwd, 86), De Bruyne(W/Fwd, 80), Aboubakar (F, 80).....Raheem Sterling (not on db) :)

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