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Soccer Manager.com Quick Beginners Guide


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Hey this is Tom giving you a simple guide for ANYONE to follow their ways into being a professional.

1. First things first, As your on www.soccermanager.com homepage log into your registered account ( Register and follow details if you haven't done that just yet)

2. Still on the Homepage, take a tour of SM World and see what we have to offer. master, master and master a third time the tour so you are NOT getting plugged away like around 2/5ths of SM members already do!

3. After you are 100% confident and more that your bored, and ready to go. Its time to sign up for a team. Once the contracts are signed your all rarely at all fronts go into the big one!

4. So as your logged in it will ask you to Choose Your Club. Simply follow the on - screen instructions until you at the stage for picking setup.

- - - - - - - - - - PICKING THE SETUP- - - - - - - - - -

1. As your a beginer, its common sense really to chose an amateur, beginner setup to starters. Choose from English Championship OR World Championship For a beginning.

2. Now were half way through the paperwork !

3. Now it is a HUGE step you MUST know whilst on SM!

Key Phrase: SETUP :- A setup is a world where a group of up to 12 - 80 max managers ( including you ) Compete for various trophies in the world of football management. Another word for setup could be World or Season.

4. Now chose a team which is unmanaged and needing someones help to find their form right back !

5. Follow the On-Screen Instructions.


1. I'm proud to say at this stage your an official manager! But one key thing managers MUST do in their managerial times is to pick a decent and trusting squad for their next fixtures. On the page called My Home double click your squad as you would scroll down wait for the loading to end and then Click My Club > Squad.

2. Now you will see your entire squad. Any player aged21- lower are able to be sorted into your youth team. THIS TEAM DOES NOT PLAY FIXTURES Maybe in the future development this might come into the game but currently they're there to help organise your squads.

3. RATINGS These are organised from 0 - 100 with 100 being the top rating for a player on the game. 0 Being the worst. The likes of nowadays Ronaldinho, Totti, Gerrard, Scholes etc.. are likely to be in the 90-100 ratings as they're better footballers. NOTE Young - Pro potentials Wont be found as highly as the other pro's but in the RATING CHANGES Which occur for different countries every week will gradually bring them up to the top and performer better!

4. Finally from my advice you can adjust, completely control your Teams Tactics and decisions in-game by going My Club > My Tactics That page is 100% self explanatory.

Setup > Transfer > These all are useful and self - explanatory !

Hope this all helps you truly!

Regards, Tom.

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