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Xbox 360 fans thread


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Re: Xbox 360 fans thread

Oblivion = Too long

Brian Lara = too jokes, especially when u bowl a team out for 10 runs and take 5 wickets in the first 5 balls of the match

Crackdown=any gud, demo sucked?

Come on HALO 3!!!

Lemme use this to advertise the PES6 Tournament which will be on the 16/17June which will be amazing as we have 2 competitiors so far! LOL:eek:


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Re: Xbox 360 fans thread

well it the 1 i bin on most but i got lotsa awsome games

saints row


spider man 3

pirates of the carribean 3

fifa 07

def jam icon

well i have saints row,gears of war,pes6,fifa07,table tennis,amped3,call of duty 3,project gotham 3 and i had crackdown i thought it was so poor i traded it in...

def jam imo is too easy and easy to complete..spider man 3 is awesome but once you have completed it its usless,pirates of the Caribbean i havent actually been on and fifa07 disappointed me so much :( ... i probably spent most time on saints row though its a great game. :D

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Re: Xbox 360 fans thread

Well at least the list is increasing-slowly:( ...yes, but surely:p . 6 People will be ideal, we could make a thread lol...with the match reports/

Also, i am just saying i would like to be barca lol:D

Can we play our master league teams?

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