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Which of these players should I keep?


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So guys, I basically have these players in my team and I don't really know what to do with them. Although they are doing great for their teams, it seems hard to me that they will raise much more than they are now, or even raise at all in the near future.

What do you guys think? Keep or not?

ILICIC, Josip 88 - Palermo's limit is at 89/90 being the 90 players that really stand out. I believe 89 is the max for him and don't see him getting it soon.

MARQUEZ, Javi 87 - Although he's the main man in Espanyol's midfield, the team's limit is clearly 88, and the players that have it are the ones that have been playing for the team for a long time or have been consistent in other teams. Marquez is a future 88, but how soon will that happen I have no idea.

VICTOR, João 85 - With Mallorca's limit at 88/89 I can see this guy with potential, but he's not exactly a big starter for the team, so I wonder if this 85 will last for quite some time.

RONDON, Salomón 86 - He's having a wonderfull season is his first division debut, but with Malaga's limit at 88, being those players mainly internationals for big NT's like Portugal, Argentina and Brazil, and considering Malaga is in the last place of the league, I don't think he'll rise for some time, especially if Malaga relegates (very probable). However, I don't know if there's any romour regarding Rondon linking him to a bigger team, but even if he moves, it's not certain he'll play.

EKICI, Mehmet 86 - Both him and Nurnberg are doing great, but the team's limit is 87, and I don't see him getting it at the end of the season. On top of that he's a Bayern Munich player, and if next season he stays with Bayern he'll have a hard time to get minutes. If he gets loanned out again, the recieving team's limit can be a problem to him.

SAN JOSE, Mikel 88 - He's doing great for Athletic, who's also doing great in the spannish league, but he will have big problems to reach his team's limit set at 90/91, since those players that have it are regular choices for Spain NT's bench, something that San Jose won't be in the near future.

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Re: Which of these players should I keep?

I think your analysis is very sensible. I would say that those with the best long term potential are Ilicic and San Jose, but it all depends whether you can wait for them to find bigger clubs.

Rondon would be third on my list - has had a great season considering Malaga are rooted to the foot of the table. If they are relegated, he's bound to move to a bigger club and he's still young. But you're right no increase in the short term.

I have Victor in my Gold Championship Aris and I'm keeping him for a while as I bought him when he was rated only 70 and his wages are still really low - so I can afford to keep him and see whether he develops.

Hope that helps.

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