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Best Football chant in the Uk


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Re: Best Football chant in the Uk

Maxi Rodriguez song (to tune of Heartbeat)


Crystal Palace's "We love you' date=' we love you" song[/b']


Stoke City's Delilah


Palace one is good sure some other teams sing it aswell.

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Re: Best Football chant in the Uk

Liverpool Song for Suarez (Constantly sang it today!)


These are future liverpool songs apparently (I dont support them)

He's 6 foot 3 and got long hair , Carroll Carroll

He does cocaine and doesnt care , Carroll Carroll !

He's big he's hard he's ****** sick

He's better than that Spanish ****

Andy Carroll Liverpools number 9!

He plays up front for LFC, Suarez, Suarez

He wants to play for King Kenny Suarez, Suarez,

We bought the lad from Amsterdam,

He's part of Kenny's masterplan,

Luis Suarez Liverpool's Number 7

Cristian Riveros (Sunderland Song)


Celtic Just cant get enough song same as Suarez but Original


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Re: Best Football chant in the Uk

Sad Torres went to Chelsea but anyway' date=' I like this song:


Idk how a football player can hear his song dedicated to him and still go to another team, it's just sad. :confused:

Quality song mate same with Darren Bent and Kenwyne Jones at Sunderland they dont care about the clubs just money and succes.



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