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Squad Value


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I have just started playing this game, at the start my Stuttgart team had a value of 109.4M.

I've just added 11 players with a current transfer value of 75.2M

I've also sold 6 players who in my team valued at a total of 4.6M

(i know the values change after they have been transferred in/out)

I would therefore be expecting my current club value to be 180M

It's only valued at 162M - I realise the players values will keep changing but my squad value has lost 18M (10%) in 3 days - is this normal?


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Re: Squad Value

Yes, it's quite normal. If you purchase a better player for any specific position, then the value of all the other players in that position drops e.g If you buy a 94 rated RB and had 3 RBs already in the squad, the value of these 3 RBs will drop. This is perhaps an over-simplification and things get more complicated where you have two positions for example RB/CB, but it gives an idea of how squad values can fluctuate with players brought in :)

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