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i was trying to find the club debt thread to post this in but i cant so i thought id make my suggestion here. I have a squad of 18 players plus two on loan, so the smallest you can get plus some much needed loan players. my club having been in the black at the beginning of the season is now ending the season 5.7mil in the red because of large player wages.

what i wanted to know is why i cant alter the wages of my players. you can offer contracts of varying lengths but you cant choose how much to pay them? for a start i want to offer reduced salaries to players, maybe this could be helpful to lower clubs if the players were offered longer contracts or something? set wage increases, goal bonuses etc. also i find it odd you cant just choose what wages you pay a player when they sign for your club anyway? ive signed a few decent but old players then found them to be on huge contracts.

These old players too are obviously ones you can never hope to sell, so i think it should be made easier to offer players to clubs in a more formal way instead of messaging a person. itd be very easy to set that up in the same way you make an offer for a player, and this could be done to help sell older players to clubs lower down the leagues who are unmanaged but in real life would sign such a player.

finally having read a few threads suggesting negotiable sponsorship packages, negotiable ticket prices and cuts for away teams of home team gate receipts/tv money, i think all of these things would be not only useful but more realistic. ive played this game a fair while now and the financial side is the only bit ive had a problem with, just because you can't fiddle with it so much. so there you go, theres my twelve penneths


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Re: Helping clubs in debt

The problem I foresee, is that if wages become part of negotiations, and in the manager's hands, then it will increase debt for many people as some will offer large wages to capture a player. All managers would also like to be able to give their players lower wages, but why would the players accept? Wages are on a sliding scale (low rated = low wages) so the best way to solve a wage problem is to buy players before a rating increase as the wages wont change.

At the moment, you can only offer players to managers who have shortlisted your player. I think this is fine, as otherwise we would all be getting tons of proposals about random players we don't care about...

I definitely like the away team ticket cut idea as you mentioned. This would be great news for small clubs, and the big ones wouldn't notice. I don't really understand the fun or need of sponsorship negotiation etc though, as who would we be negotiating with? Why would any manager not just pick the best option Managers also don't do this in reality, so can't see it appearing in SM.

There is a bit about money making in the Forum FAQ by the way mate, I hope this helps a bit as can be tough when in debt.

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Re: Helping clubs in debt

I think he means debt due to wages...

To be honest, I've never had a problem. This is either because I rarely sign large talents and get younger, lesser known lads, or because I like to work with the squad I have, or because the players signed should be winning matches and generating income while doing so.

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