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English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread

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Championship manager in the good old days?  and CM then,  about 50 years ahead of sm's single player game now!


I don't know why but I'm not tempted by the single player. Maybe it's the social part of the game that is missing, maybe it's "why fighting against AI when you can have real people to fight against and still have a few laughs?"


Had a lot of fun with CM. Several versions along the years.

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12 hours ago, scrooll said:

Any unmanaged clubs soon?

Bury might be free early tuesday morning, i think it is 5am gmt that the 30 day log in limit kicks out the manager.

then Cardiff a day or 2 later, they are already free but sm isn't allowing them to be taken so i think it is a week before they are available.

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Since becoming more involved again Manchester United have won 9 straight League games and find themselves 2nd chasing down our bitter rivals City.

This Wednesday is a massive game as we welcome City in a game where a win for United would move them to within 3 points of City however defeat would leave the gap at 9 points and mean the Title will be heading to the Etihad.

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1 hour ago, smut said:

Cardiff should be available very soon and Wimbledon in a few days.

Not a great gameworld anymore though, the cheat has many clubs in here and nothing really worth buying  at external.

player hogging is another problem.

Can you suggest a GW where there's a squad limit? And of course many SM big shot managers.

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The game was effectively over at half time as Barnet went into a 3-0 lead in the first 43 minutes.

There was three changes to Ben Warrilow's starting line-up following the 3-0 win at Hartlepool in the previous league game, Hamari Troare, Juan Foyth and Neal Maupay came in at the expense of Chancel Mbemba, Jose Angel and Sasa Lukic who dropped to the bench. 

Blackburn had a great opportunity in the 2nd minute when Valentin Vada whipped in a free kick which was blazed over by Dieumerci Mbokani.

Kwadwo Asamoah got his first goal for Barnet 11 minutes later after receiving the ball from Federico Santander.

It went from bad to worse as Barnet doubled their lead 14 minutes later when Dodi Lukebakio finished well after receiving the ball from Federico Santander.

For the third goal, it was Santander who received the ball from Lukebakio before beating goalkeeper Ezequiel Unsain.

The visitors did have an opportunity just after half time but it was a routine save for Benjamin Lecomte in the 50th minute.

Yunis Abdelhamid gave Lecomte more of a test in the 59th minute but the 29 year old goalkeeper managed to keep it out. 

Serge Aurier and Neal Maupay later had opportunity's for the hosts but they failed to increase the lead. 

Barnet: Lecomte, Traore, Foyth, Ayhan, Aurier, Hayden, Asamoah, Townsend, Maupay, Lukebakio, Santander

Subs Not Used: Bayindir, Mbemba, Aziz, Kamara, Lukic, March, Mayoral

Blackburn: Unsain, Cabral, Ayala, Abdelhamid, Vada, Sankhare, De Blasis, Fernandes, Mbokani, McGoldrick, Vila

Subs Not Used: Biraschi, Kums, Tozser, Guarin, Zarate, Zeballos, Nikolic

Attendance: 3,944 (244 Visiting Supporters).

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8 months into the Barrow project and the club has literally gone nowhere.. lol.

After taking over a team of turds, I decided to go through my usual strategy of selling everyone and replacing them with any player I can find with a pulse. Unsurprisingly, the team's results have not improved and Barrow are still stuck in the basement of Division 5. 

There is some hope with talents starting to emerge - hoping that the likes of Eze, Kudus & Mumin can continue to grow. And another positive is that the team's finances are starting to grow, hopefully this can allow me to sign talents (either externally or via new players list) on a consistent basis in the future.

But for now, Barrow will continue to be the laughing joke of 7777. 

Next update will be in 2 years :) ... or on August 18, 2020 :P


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Final game of the season will be a crucial one for Leicester. We defend our play-off place against 3rd placed Southend Utd, the first game ended 2-2. It would be great to play again play-offs as a new promoted side in division 3.

After this season, i will reshape this team.

Transfer List: Aissa Mandi, Joao Pedro, Artem Dzyuba, Ruben Garcia, Jordan Ayew, Andreas Perreira, Remi Oudin

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So far, it's been an excellent season for Newport County. I began managing them a few games into this current season and now, with only one game left, we're currently top of Division 4 by 2 points. Promotion has already been secured so all that's left to play for on the last match-day is the title.

Last season, this same Newport team finished 11th under their previous manager(s) so I'm very pleased with what I've been able to achieve this season. Hopefully we can build on this in Division 3 next season and avoid a relegation dog-fight in order to achieve a respectable position.

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Charlton may miss out again on the Div 2 playoffs as their usual bottling at the end of the season has happened again. However, after a 7 game disastrous run we have started to win again. The last game we beat Coventry 5-0 and Southport helped us by beating West Ham. There is one game to go to try and get that last playoff space, and it's out of us, West Ham and Southport.

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Shorpe United

Been a emotional return back to Shorpe. After losing them in 2018 due to inactivity and sitting in division 3

Barbara Melo somehow managed double relegation in 89 games to division 5 

Since returning  halfway through season 20  in 12th place, I was able to achieve 4th but unfortunately lost in the playoff semi final Vs Grimsby.

Season 21 was my first full season in charge while coming back and we achieved 3rd place but yet again failed at the semi finals Vs Brighton

Season 22 - We have been miles above the rest for majority of the season. Currently sitting on 115 points while being 17 clear of second place. 112 goals scored and only 22 conceded. 

17 points has been our biggest gap difference. 6 points ( if you include first 10 games) has been the smallest gap second place has been to us . Majority of the season I've been 8-12 points clear . It has been a season to remember


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I have the worst club name for the forum as it sensors it out lol 

On 8/17/2020 at 12:19 PM, Johan said:

Pts 2121

Ave Pts 1.98

Games 1072

Have cemented my place in the top 10 of this gameworld. Currently in charge of Crawley Town. Hopefully still more years to go.

Nice work pal. Keep working hard with Crawley , your time will come 

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50 minutes ago, RieceM96 said:

I have the worst club name for the forum as it sensors it out lol 

Nice work pal. Keep working hard with Crawley , your time will come 

Lol oh they still block out that word. I seem to beat most of the teams but theres always a few thats just too strong. I see I've  got a 10 wins 12 losses in my playoffs career so id rather go for the league title😎

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As I approach my 100th league match in charge of Barrow and the conclusion of my 3rd season with the club, it's a perfect time to reflect on my 9 and a half months in charge of the club.

Good news -nice and steady improvement on the results front.

1st season with the club the team got 11 points (to be fair, I was only inherited the team with 10-15 games left and got 7 of the 11 points lol). The following season, my first full season in charge of Barrow, we got 31 points and now we will have 54 points.

Also it's good to see the value of the players continue to grow, when I started the team was worth only 40-50m now we're at 80.5m. Yay.

Bad news - the team still isn't competitive yet (even at Division 5 standards) and navigating the financial aspect has been rather tricky.

I reckon my wage bill that is consistently over 900k is one of the highest in the division and with minimal operational revenue that means buying and selling players for profit is really the only way to stay in the black. Every season I need around 40-45m of profit in the transfer market, right now I'm at around 38m.

Now the two main methods I use to generate profit have unfortunately not been as effective compared to when I used them in 7046 in the past couple years for a couple reasons:

1. I've failed to generate many internal deals - part of this is due to the lack of quality in my team, but also part of it is due to the 'culture' of 7777, everyone's out to swindle each other, including myself lol. I've got a few players through lowballing, but selling players is really tough when all you get are really lackluster offers. Only 3 players have left Barrow so far in P/E deals (Josep Martinez, Kudus & Krastev).

2. SM refuses to review non-top 5 leagues anymore, it's absolutely frustrating. I would say a majority of my team play in either the second divisions of top countries (e.g. France, Italy, Spain) or leagues that are the 'best of the rest' (Russia, Czechia, MLS, Austria) so I've been forced to baghold them for periods longer than I expected. But when these leagues get reviewed it will provide a massive boost to my finances and give me the opportunity to build towards creating a competitive squad in Division 5. Because once you get out of D5 it's much easier to surge up the leagues because of the increased promotion spots. I can only hope SM reviews the leagues before the 'Lack of First Team Opportunities' concern kills half my team, it's the worst type of concern in the game because even if you play the concernees nothing will be change.

Now finally, to end this mess of a post, what are the objectives for Barrow in the future?

Season 4 - Goals are to cement the team as a mid-table side, pray that Russia & MLS get reviewed, and build towards a side with a 85 average. Only 2 players are 84+ in my team at the moment (Hartel & Sema) and they'll be leaving soon to fund the next batch of risers at Barrow. Qualitative goals: 90m squad value, positive financial balance & top 13 finish.

Season 5 - Bring in 3 loanees and make a solid push for the playoffs. By then, it'll be the new year, with the top 5 leagues likely getting a new review so if I can get ahold of a couple rising stars I may now have the foundation to actually be competitive. Qualitative goals: 110m squad value, positive financial balance & top 8 finish.

Season 6 - Get out of the hellhole that is Division 5. Qualitative goals: 130m squad value, positive financial balance & top 3 finish.

Out of the 136 players on my team at the moment, I can definitely see a couple becoming permanent main-stays in the starting 11 in the future: Granada's recent signing Luis Milla, Darwin Nunez, Moncayola, Felix Agu, Conor Gallagher, and Eberechi Eze (if I don't sell him first). Almost all of the rest, except for the promising youngsters, will be sold for profit (hopefully).

Trust the process I guess. bye




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