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Bulgaria Predictions :)

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Georgi Milanov 78-> 82/83

Tsvenatov 75->82/81

Todorov 79->82/83/84


Garra Dembele 80->84

Mulder 80->83/82

Iliev 75->77/78 **GREAT PROSPECT**

Kirov 75->77/78


Nelson 78->82

Tonev 80->82/83


Yordanov 75->80/81/82

Lahchev 77->81/82




Terziev 78->80 **Good Prospect**


Kunchev 75->82

To be Continued

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Re: Bulgaria Predictions :)

The first team name is Litex Football Club...

And the players ''Tsvenatos'' name is TSVETANOV' date=' Momchil...[/quote']

And there's no chance he's getting a +7 rise for 450 minutes of league football over the last 2 seasons.

Even Tsvetkov's played more than him, about 700 minutes in 2 seasons.

Both of them might get 78 if they're lucky.

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Re: Respuesta: Bulgaria Predictions :)

Tsvetanov should rise to 82 because he plays 12 matches of 19 and scored 1 goal.

The average in Litex is over 82/83' date='then he should rise to 81/82 even 83.[/quote']

No ujfalusi, you're wrong imo. As I said in my my Bulgarian ratings thread he's only actually played 385 minutes for Litex. Yes, he's played in 12 matches, but he was subbed in 9 of them and subbed out in the other three. He's clearly not a starter, he will get a rise for this as he is still a part of their first team squad, but he will only go up to about 78 at most because he is not a starter and hasn't played many minutes. Minutes are more important than appearances because they truly indicate how important a player is to the team. 81/82/83 at Litex is reserved for their top performing starters, and he isn't one of them.

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