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Division 5 Challenge - Histon


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Alright guys I'v just started my first div4/div5 challenge and can't resist talking about it so I will be posting about it on here. As the big letters say at the top please do not post on this thread and Im not looking to make it an active gameworld (although currently it is very active with 50% taken) as I am just looking to do this challenge by myself.

Histon are Hardest

This is the reason I have taken on Histon, with them having the smallest combined value and the 2nd smallest stadium of anyone. They start with a balance of 1.7mill (joint bottom) and have a squad value of just 410k leaving 2.1mill to work with. To put this into context this will buy you about one 80 rated player. There stadium is 3,800 which is only beaten by Fleetwood however Fleetwoods squad value was higher so I chose Histon. It will prove considerably more diffcult as several div5 clubs like Darlington have values in the range of 15mill which is over 7 times more value.


An overview is put below


Early News

The chairman expectation was "This season your chairman expects you to avoid finishing bottom of the league."

I have already completed quite a few transfers in the first few weeks and these are summarised below. As many of you know I'm somewhat of a 10k specialist and this part of the early appeal of Histon as I almost forced to spend only on these players, maybe 1 luxury player but I suspect I won't bother as there is so many to sign potentially. I mostly scouted out Hungary myself and and Cyprus (thanks to Toons thread). Also the free agents were not signed by me, they were signed automatically to ensure the club had 21 players before I took over.


As you can probably tell I've had one riser so far in Maxim Larroque who got +3.

There was also some competition for a few, for whom I automatically bid CV max (50k) but still lost out on Galeano thanks to a div2 team being able to 51k for some reason!

I am also being very careful not to buy players from leagues not on the schedule as recently some leagues can be forgotten about forever and there is areal danger with 10kers to hold on to them when there £1500 wages quickly eat into profit, but still I need to replace the current squad certainly as they are not going anywhere in rating. I have bought a few slovaks and a couple of guys from belgian league and dutch league but with the reasonable confidence they will be reviewed shortly.

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Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon

A quick update as Histon have now doubled in value!

I'v had three risers plus the fact that when players come in they generally have higher CV by up to 1.5 times at Histon due to the lack of high rated players means now that currently have a balance of 820k + squad value of 4.3mill (excluding my 3 loan players). So 5.1mill.

Also I have learnt that buying Blagoy Paskov was a mistake (he was always a gamble having only got 4 sub appearances) and I was relying on them rerating 70s to 75 however apparently he has moved to a b division side and transfermarkt was not updated.

Also I have decided to let myself buy anyone under 65 who will rise even if there league is miles off as there wages are a mere £300 a turn which works out at about 30k a year! Not an issue.

Had one player who didn't rise in cyprus, Pris who had one appearance and apparently they dont just rise them to 75 always. Anyways the 3 who did are below. I'm currently waiting to see who they will put on the schedule next, so I can scout there.


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Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon

Quadrupled Value

Squad has now doubled in value again which is nice, if only it would continue at this rate! Had a number of nice risers and a few failures.


Patrik TISCHLER +8 78, Well known had to bid 50k to win him.

Imre CSERMELYI +3 75 This guy and Ngalle were both free in 106 and 7357 playing for low clubs but quite happy with there rises.

Joseph NGALLE +6 75

Péter MOLNAR +7 77 Was gone in 106 but very nice rise, quite unkown considering his rise was similar to tischler.

Martin DECHEV +2 74

No Rise:

Delcho Stoilov 73, not happy here he played 9 games and they havent updated his club correctly so i think they just missed him.

Emil Miljkoivc 72, missed again! had around 17 appearances for 2nd placed team in hungarian league! Predicted to be 77 in some threads.

Paskov 72, discussed above now in 2nd league.

Tulipan and bohner, gambles and didnt rise, hardly any appearances and they didnt get moved to 75 so will be more careful with buying these guys with very low minutes.

Also I missed out on oxlaide Chamberlain who got bought by cambridge united manager who sent me a nice message as we have similar targets (I got Jenkinson ahead of him), looks a good manager.

Current squad is pasted below, 9.15mill combined value after loans taken out:



Also thought I would give an update on league progress, lost one game so far against managed Crawley who had a nicer squad and he played some kind of 4-3-3 wingers. it was the second game so attempting to counter him was not on the cards. it may be tricky to get promoted as there is a good number of managed teams (10-12ish) in div5 and my squad is so poor with only one automatic promotion spot, so next season may be the target.


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Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon


Right so no update for a while but comp was out of action so wasn't feasible however things have been going well! Firstly Emil Milkovic mentioned above did get his rise to a very nice 78.

Also they finally released a whole load of new leagues that they are reviewing including scotland, turkey and netherlands. Have immediately bought a few players from these areas, was tempted to splash out on a 75 (erick torres) but it would be my entire budget! He did get a very nice rise though.

transfers so far are below


As for how the games have actually been going, they have been tremendous. Forget how easy it can be when im playing only in 106! Playing 3-5-2 with hard tackling and playmaker /targetman and its working a treat (switch to 3-4-1-2 counterattack, attacking etc if losing/drawing at 60).This is a standard setup I use in a lot of setups if im short of ideas as it is long term proven and I know what your thinking everyone says that, but I have used it for 5 years in many many setups. It is especially effective against unmanaged sides. Its similar to Sops setup where he sticks steadfastly to his tactics knowing they will pay off long term. Using pm/tm as my players on loan are so high rated in comparison so giving them more time on the ball is going to be key. Martin (80) has 9 assists from midfield in 10 games. Also in my last game achieved a massive 72% possession, not sure what the record is but that is very decent. Also have managed to squeeze through in both cups and it gives me a very nice revenue boost considering 100k is a huge amount for myself.



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Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon


So yeah I know what your thinking its another of those threads that is going to die shortly but yet here is another post!


Ok so Iv gone out of both cups now, against some much superior opposition but it was nice to get the extra revenue for a few rounds.


Unfortunately thanks partly due to me forgetting to change team from cup and playing 3 managed sides I have suffered a couple of draws and a couple of losses. This has meant Iv dropped of the pace a tad, as the top teams are winning every game, got back on track with a couple of comfortable victories recently. Promotion is going to be tricky with only one automatic spot (very harsh), but there is a big pro of staying in division 5 next season as my team will destroy most of the teams by then which would be fun! Will also mean I'll be much more prepared for division 4 and above. We'll see anyways!



So Iv only got 100k left, which isnt great and keep buying players who I shouldn't really as they're not rising, recent ones include RIJSDIJK, Jeffrey, ELLIOTT, Tom and MOISES, Costa. Sm is leaving them at ratings below 75. However generally it is going very well as other gambles are paying off and from my original 2.1mill, squad value is now 13.4mill and transfer bans come off in early june. Also just sold of all the original squad now, dave livermore going tonight.

Squad as it stands


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Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon



Ok so the big news is transfer bans came of this week! I had been in a 100k of debt and hadnt really been able to buy players for several weeks, but immediately sold off my two top strikers (Milkovic 78 and Tischler 78) and a few others, waiting for transfer bids for the rest to come in. However may not accept them as there CVs are continually decreasing as I bring in more players and so may have to player exchange mostly. CV is very helpful considering was able to bring in players who immediately double in value just because they were at a big club previously.

Uruguay on the schedule as well is great timing as it is an absolute goldmine. Brought in so many good 10kers from there. Considering bringing a few more including nicolini (75) but im trying not to spend all my money now in case argentina or someone comes on next and there is better risers there than nicolini (75-79/80). Couple of teams bought players already like piriz in uruguay.

The transfers of real interest are:

Jay Spearing: 80 was brought in from fiorentina as the liverpool manager foolishly exchanged him in the first weeks, got him for 1mill! excellent CV and he rose to 83 today and is now worth a whopping 6.5mill

Jack Robinson: 75 only got a rise to 77 so probably shouldn't have bought him but couldn't resist a talent like that. Still doubled in value.

Phillip Wolscheid: 80 Sticking with my policy of only buying players on the ratings schedule (to avoid waiting for years for a rerating) I hadnt got any income before spain/italy and really struggled to find good pure risers in england/germany. Wollscheid however has great minutes since last review. Hopeful for 85.

Timothy Chandler: 78 Soon to join us and again great minutes for FC Nurnberg only since the last review. 82/83 hopefully.

Also brought in Canete who is in for a good rise hopefully and some other chileans over the next day.

A summary is here:



No other risers to really report so squad value was at about 15 previously but jsut with making money on CV and the liverpool players rises squad value is now 20.7mill + 1.4mill cash = 22.1mill a rise of 10 times value from 2.1mill in one set of transfer bans! (20 turns) Very pleased with that. Inevitably my squad is getting quite large . . . . .

The current squad is below:


As for the league I have been storming that recently with some ridiculous performances winning by 7 goals often and my goal difference is stupid however remain in 4th thanks to no on else slipping up either. Play darlington next though and that should mean I can catch some points there. regret letting the team slip for a few weeks where I went out of the cups and didnt win for 4 games in the league as it has meant Im behind still.



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Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon


Not long since the last update but things are moving very quickly so Id best post about it!


WOLLSCHEID, Philipp 80 +5

CHANDLER, Timothy 78 +5

Both the Nurnberg players got +5 which was lovely predicted about +4 in my last post. Wollschied worth 7 mill now.

CANETE, Marcelo 75 +7

JEREZ, Patricio 75 +5

OPAZO, Óscar 75 +5

CORRO, Alexander 73 +2

Did very well from the chilean league with those top 3 being the 3 biggest risers (there was a couple other +5s) and Corro was very cheap.

COBELLI, Juan 70 +10

This was unexpected, loaned to chile only recently from argentina didnt really think he had the minutes in argentina to deserve such a big rise but have now immediately sold him off for 4mill.

VIERA, Gonzalo 73 +4

First Uruguayan riser, more tomorrow!

JENKINSON, Carl 70 +7

Moved to arsenal just in time as at charlton he wouldnt have been reviewed, however I ahve now got a dilemma whether to keep him as his tb is off and he wont be reviewed again till novemeber and even then is unlikely to have many minutes but he's such a talent it might be a huge mistake to let him go, have been sticking to the policy of selling people immediately regardless of talent as I really need the capital so any suggestions on what to do would be welcomed! Currently Iv transfer listed him for 5mill . . .


Ok since the last time Iv brough in Martin Galain from uruguay, had some competition from chesterfield for him but got him pretty cheap anyways. Not the greatest riser but I had some cash free and at that time argentina/paraguay weren't on schedule.

However para/argentina have another load of juicy risers of which Im bidding on currently with a few of them gone already but I was waiting till it was definitely being reviewed. got more competition on these players as well, but I am bidding a reasonable amount over CV.



Only a couple since, won all of them except darlington who I lost too . . 9 point gap to top of the table cambridge (who PM'ed me today about the league and me stealing his targets again, nice guy), so only expecting playoffs really.


Current value (ignoring loans) is 38.6mill plus 4.9mill cash!!!! So total of 43.5mill an increase of over 2,000% from the start of the season. Even compared with just the last post squad value was only 20 odd mill . . . Might slow down a bit as Im spending quite a lot at the moment on these upcoming leagues but will still have plenty to play with as more players come of transfer ban over the next month.


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Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon

Ok time for a much needed update (especially after telling toonfan I would do it last week!), on holiday next week as well.

First thing I wanted to post was the average performances list for division 5!

Due to the fact my team keeps changing as I sell people, and also an average scoreline of 5-1 this has happened:



So transfers since the last post are below, and they have all now been reviewed. Having a bit of a break on the transfer front as brazil seems to be short of risers (or theyve already been bought), they're having a break on reviewing at the moment and also im getting down to about 2-3mill capital left which will be needed for the big leagues in sept!



Paraguay was actually really generously reviewed so missed out on a couple there who would have been good. However since the last post:


RAMIREZ, Robin 77 +5

ORUE, Angel 75 +6

NUNEZ, Juan 75 +3

GAMARRA, Juan 75 +3

CORONEL, Fredy 72 +4

ROLON, Edgar 73 +3


IZQUIERDOZ, Carlos 75 +5

CANTEROS, Héctor 75 +5


MEDINA, John 76 +4

TORIJANO, Fainer 75 +5

NOVOA, Diego 78 +2 disappointing for a first choice keeper who was also young and his team were doing well. However I did need a good keeper so still useful.

CANO, Jhony 75 +3

LEMUS, Nelson 75 +3

AGUIRRE, Jorge 74 +3

Uruguay further risers from last time

PALACIOS, Cristian 72 +8

GALAIN, Martín 76 +2 (woops! not great at all)

SOUZA, Jhonatan 72 +6

COCCARO, Danilo 72 +5

FRANCO, Cristian Antonio 72 +4

FRANCHI, Juan 72 +3

SCARONE, Flavio 72 +3

LONG, Bernardo 70 +5

HERNANDEZ, Sebastián 70 +5

APRILE, Gustavo 72 +3

RODRIGUEZ, Fernando 73 +2

Pretty impressive!

Also I have sent home one of my loanees who wasnt really featuring, but now i've noticed were back to having extra games on a monday so he would have actually been helpful however my squad depth is plenty at the moment!

So the squad now looks like this, very decent value there!:


League results

Not lost for ages now and the league going to games on a monday is going to help as other teams will tire. However on holiday for a month so this maybe a major major issue on keeping up! Also in other news cambridge have finally slipped up (nice manager there) so gap has closed a bit and my goal difference is ridiculous. 9 games to go with 46 in a season in div5.



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