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Griezmann / Muniain / Rodriguez(from Porto) or Sidney Sam


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Hi guys i want to buy one of those extrems for a back up and in order to get a rise and become regular in my team....

Who you believe is better?

To tell you the truth im closer to Muniain and then Sam and Griezmann and last Rodriguez....

But Sam is already 88.....you think Muniain will get a rise soon?

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Re: Griezmann / Muniain / Rodriguez(from Porto) or Sidney Sam

1. Muniain

2. Griezmann

3. Rodriguez

4. Sam

That's how I see them, Sam might be doing good but at the age of 23 he's not that young anymore and if he really was that good I'd say he had been picked up earlier.

Rodriguez is a talented kid, sure, but he hasn't played much yet, let him prove himself first.

Griezmann imo is really a good talent, playing for the French U19 and his 2nd season in the Sociedad 1st squad (they got promoted to Primera last season) and again making a huge amount of minutes (2600 last season, on 2200 currently). And he just turned 20 so he's not really that old and I'm sure we'll see more of him in the future. Oh and Sociedad seem to be able to keep their Primera spot.

Muniain is obviously the best if you ask me. 850 minutes at the age of 16 and 4 goals is really good. And this season he has more than doubled his minutes, little over 1900 right now though 1 goal less than last season (but this one ain't over yet). Oh and he's the recordholder for youngest goalscorer in the Primera btw. Next to that Athletic Club are doing very, very good this season, which means he might get his chance at European football next season.

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