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World Championship 10000 Regional Tournaments.

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Re: World Championship 10000 Regional Tournaments.

To sort out the groups, I am using random.org, so that it is not fixed.

Each team is allocated a number, as follows:

Athletic Club-1

Atletico Madrid-2



Real Madrid-5




Random.org is going to give me a number between 1 and 8, 4 times. the 4 numbers will be the first group.



So, Deportivo, Villarreal, Athletic Club and Valencia are in one group.

That leaves Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid in the other.

To be honest, that is a favourable draw for me, but my team is still the 3rd best in that group.

The first round of matches are as follows:

Group 1:

Deportivo vs Villarreal

Athletic Club vs Valencia

Group 2:

Barcelona vs Sevilla

Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

To be played on Sunday 17th April.

It is the home clubs responsibility to challenge the other club for a friendly.

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Re: World Championship 10000 Regional Tournaments.

Thanks for the in game PM.

Barca have requested their game against Sevilla... and BOY OH BOY are we out for revenge!

Shehan.... watch out pal :P

Haha, I wanted to be against him, so I could beat him for getting Javi Martinez off me when I was fairly new :P

I've challenged Valencia :)

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