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Re: |.CFC Request Thread |

Alright mate' date=' if you wouldn't mind, would you please be able to make me a banner with EC 28697 and on either side of it have the home and away kit for 2013/2014, thank you.[/quote']

What team mate?

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Re: |.CFC Request Thread |

Hi m8' date=' sorry to trouble you. Any chance of a newcastle one for ec 28697 maybe with buffon, falcao,pirlo,draxler,hulk ??

leave it upto you players or no players ;)[/quote']


Hi CFC' date=' could I get one of those banners for EC 28697 except for it to be AFC Bournemouth maybe get the bad one side and the home Kit on the other :)[/font']


Sorry to bother you again


Could I also have one for EC28697. I'm Man City

I'm cool with however you want to do it

Thanks :)


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Re: |.CFC Request Thread |

Can someone please do an Okore sig for me :)

I need to get the ungrateful swine of my sig asap.

In a villa top preferably but a denmark top if the picture is better.


EDIT: Thought I posted twice then' date=' same avatar below ha[/quote']


Hope that's ok, if you want .cfc to make a better one I won't be offended

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