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|.CFC Request Thread |


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Re: |.CFC Request Thread |

When ever you have free time any chance of a Alex McCarthy signature' date=' if you can't find an image of him one of Bernard then :)

Will rep :)[/font']


hi mate you can make me an avatar of tevez image please?:D


Image you gave me I couldn't work with.

Hey mate could you make a Sign for me of Rochdale EC 28697 but this time with Mpoku' date='Storari and Kacniklic...I hope it isnt that difficult :o[/quote']


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Re: |.CFC Request Thread |

hi m8' date=' can you possibly do a banner for English Championship 28888. i will leave your imagination to run riot on this one. just wanting a banner to be used in the general duscussion thread and the transfer/match report thread.




Hello I was wondering if you were able to make an avatar with this image?


and if possible a signature like the one you made for RPR (further up ^^^) of Exeter City 5579 but with Luis Fabiano

negredo_zps3d6db7b3.png exeter_zps58aeeb9e.png

Hey .CFC can you please make me an Avatar of Chelsea' date='Little league having Luiz,Zaha and Higuain in the shirt,i hope it isnt that tough :)[/quote']

Could only fit two, higu_zpsbd2b6cbb.png

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Re: |.CFC Request Thread |

Hello .CFC, I am just wondering whether you could make me a picture of Éver Banega holding the English Play-off Trophy in a Watford jersey with Vicarage Road in the Back ground and the crest of Watford on the side of Banega with WATFORD written across the bottom, if that's at all possible? Thanks very much, .CFC.

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