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An elaborate cheat?


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This is in a Spanish Championship gameworld. It is not competitive at all and you can get your hands on many talents easily.

The gameworld is going into the 2nd season, and suddenly many new players with a reputation of 40 appeared.


3 new players with reputation of 40 took over Real Betis, Zaragoza and Espanyol.

I could give them the benefit of the doubt that these are legit players but alarm bells #1 started ringing when I noticed these 3 rep40 players are in the same league in another private gameworld.


The next day, many ridiculous bids have been flying around, as though that these new players do not know the game mechanics.(or does not intend to play the game). The actions seems like they are intent to drain the club's money. Like seriously, 15mil for crouch in an uncompetitive game world?

Alarm bells #2 indeed.


The plot thickens when I noticed that Arbeloa has been bidded 20mil. Alarm bells #3 here. By now, I'm pretty certain this Real Madrid player is trying to siphon extra money into his club by an elaborate cheat plan.


Sure, maybe in a competitive game world, 20mil could seem reasonable. But let me highlight what kind of players one can acquire with 20mil in this gameworld.

Surely, one would pick Sagna or Ivanovic with a 20mil budget since these are all unmanaged clubs.


In contrast, let's see what I can do with that 15mil spent on Crouch.

Surely, other gameworld would fight for Suarez, but hes available here easily among other strong contenders!

Again, I repeat: This is a Spanish Championship GW, all these are available from unmanaged clubs at CV easily.

Now my problem kicks in, its obvious that:

1) The 3 new players are of the same user or related.

2) Remotely related to the Real Madrid user.

3) Club funds are being drained on purpose.

But, correct me if i'm wrong, but it seems that I can't report these transactions since they are outgoing to unmanaged clubs?

I have tried using the SM cheat reporting fuction but it gives me an automated reply that these is nothing suspicious going on.

Really? I can understand the guy really wants to spend 20mil on Arbeloa but 15mil on Crouch?!

It upsets me that SM is trying to push the user reported cheat function into an automated reply/action system. This gameworld is being ruined blatantly and is my only option is just to leave it? How have you guys managed to get cheats in your gameworld dealt with because I'm intent on getting these players removed.

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Re: An elaborate cheat?

You're a little bit too obsessed about cheating.

You should make a difference between cheaters and idiots (mostly newbies) ... Also they're probably three because they're all friends and joining GWs to have fun together. They might also know only a few things about football , like they saw Arbeloa while he was at Liverpool ...same about Crouch ...

But just a small detail. Have you tried to report them as multiple accounts in same GW? Not for their transfers.One of them might be the Real Madrid manager using another account somehow and using that they'll check the IPs .

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Re: An elaborate cheat?

Reporting it is the only way to make sure any cheating is dealt with so do that. It could be 3 friends just wanting to a challenge so they arent buying to many high rated players. On the other hand though it seems like the Madrid manager is using these three accounts to cheat with himself in another league, have you checked whether he is a part of the other league which these three accounts seem to be in? Seems suspicious in my opinion as whenever I see a 40rep account registered exactly near the date I suspect it is cheating. Seems like the manager has tried to cover the fact that he is cheating by using those account to buy other small players for high amount to make it look like the users are infact stupid. I wouldnt be suprised if it is cheating, its what ruins this game sometimes.

Anyway there is little to link the Madrid manager to all this, he could be innocent and he hasnt exactly accepted the Arbeloa bid by the looks of it, so we can only assume these are genuine managers who dont understand the game properly.

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Re: An elaborate cheat?


woke up this morning to my horror that this happened. This one was easy, since I was able to report this via the link. The others that are done against unmanaged clubs can't be reported.

obsessed on a crusade against cheaters? maybe.

but if any of you played SM, you would understand that this is alot of money in a relatively new gameworld that is being thrown about. when money still means a fair bit and can get you 95% of the player pool (only 5 clubs were taken in this league before this 3 mules came in), theres no reason why I should sit back.

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