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money for players  

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Re: money for players

would u like more money of the chairman at the end of season with my west ham team at the end of the season i only got about 5m to spend on players it is just not good.

same here im sydney fc i usually get 24 million with every sydney team but when you spent it all their not enough for the next season

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Re: money for players

Manage your finances better throughout the season. Every manager knows

that with any teams outside the big big guns, you arent going to get a great

deal of cash injection. Look at your gate receipts, look at selling or loaning out

players that are taking a lot of cash from wages. Managing your finances is

one of the biggest and most important parts about SoccerManager, and people

have to look at all the options available to their clubs throughout, and at the

end of, a season.

I think the injections that I have seen chairmen make for most sizes of clubs

at the end of the season is more than adequate, but most managers just get rid

of it all in pre season buying a brand new 11 which is fine, but then your in

the red all season until the chairman invests again, and when he does, all his

investment is doing is clearing the red balance.

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Re: money for players

sakana, scroll down - Raz has already given the answer. Have also deleted the thread you created on this, as no need to have the same question knocking about the forum twice. Anyone struggling with money could also read the Forum FAQ, there are some hints on there.

no need for extra money to be given at end of the season. the system uses the same criteria to allocate money to everyone, so it is always fair.

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