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come join ID:63064


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this league has been customised with 36 of average rated teasm none of this oh **** man u, chelsea, barca are already taken...just alot of average teams with equal chance of winning. Season hasnt started and so still loads of time to get in before the first league game and buy players :D come play now already 8 members and filling up :D

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Re: come join ID:63064

excellant set up i think this could really go the distance

i like the touch that you can't trade players rated over 90 this should stop any one team hoarding all the best players!!

Ive started in division 4 but am still competitive with all the teams in division 4

it might be worth posting this thread in the new setup section too so we can get more managers in seens as its a the league is just starting out!!

worth a look for anyone who is reading this post!!

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