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United revamp!


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I recently got hold of a Manchester United team. I changed most of the main squad and I managed to get some good deals. In fact the team has performed well so far (1st place). I would appreciate if you guys could take a look at my team and give your honest opinion about it, and maybe throw in some transfer targets. :)

Here's a screenshot:


I'm also looking to improve my youth squad, which was sadly empty when I took over. If you could recommend 4-6 names I'd be grateful. And don't shout the obvious ones like Wilshere. :P


Cheers. :)

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Re: United revamp!








Buy all of those since you have so much money to use and sell the players below to give some players in exchange :rolleyes:


Van Der Sar

Lloris (sell 2 goalies as goalies never injure so get the best goalie, Casillas)

De Jong





With buying those players your team will be THE BEST...no weaknesses just strengths. Think about this: (below)


GK: Casillas

RB: S.Ramos

CB: Vidic

CB: Pique

LB: Evra

CM De Rossi

CM: Essien

W: Ronaldo

W: Robben

AM: Messi

CF: Eto`o


GK: Kraft

CB: Ferdinand

LB: Coentrao

CM: Modric

W: Robinho

FWR/AM: Rooney

FWR: Berbatov

Also crazy reserve players would be left!

Hope this helped! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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Re: United revamp!

For sarters,sell Lloris and Roberto(after his rise).

Try investing in a High rated defender and sell Berbatov.

I've noticed that you bought some dutch risers,so buy some high rated Dutch players like Theo Janssen(best playmaker in holland),oby Alderweireld,Jan Vertonghen, adn youngsters like Luuk and Siam de Jong Joozefesen(spelling).

Team looks more or less great though.

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Re: United revamp!

LOL. You can't expect me to come up to Ronaldo's manager or Messi's manager and simply buy them off their clubs with money. I wish... :P

I bought Lloris because VdS will retire at the end of the season. I tried to get Casillas, Julio Cesar and Petr Cech, but to no avail. Between Lloris and Neuer I went for Lloris. It was quite a straightforward choice actually. :o

I agree on selling Berbatov, Adebayor, De Jong and Roberto. Just waiting for the TB to expire, and I should be able to include Berbatov on a deal which would see Mario Gomez join my team. I would end up with Rooney and Eto'o as the starting partnership in the attack, Gomez as the main sub, Hulk and Hernandez as reserves/cover. Anderson is probably the most difficult case. I really rate him, but he doesn't seem capable of grabbing a spot in United. I won't sell him for now anyway.

I'm not really interested in players above the age of 21, even if they're performing well. And I doubt I'd be able to get all those players from Ajax.

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