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Console Footy Games - Editing/Creating Players.

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Ok, so its been my mission to create an awesome multi level world league, in a game on my PS2. Added to this, I put all my friends, family, celebrities and anyone else I knew (of) into real life teams, alongside real players past and present. - I was doing this on an old school game, This Is Football 2003. I was nearly done, when my copy of the game gave up on me last week. It ran slow because of all the changes I made, but it was bearable, when it worked.

So, I decided to get a replacement game that I could do the same thing. I have fifa 06, but it didn't have all the teams I wanted. Fifa 08 had more, so I managed to pick up a cheap copy. So I set about changing the teams to my liking, only after about 30 or 40, it told me I cant edit anymore, GRRRR!!!

So, my question is, is there a game where this is unlimited? I know Fifa 09 has a limit, so thats out. So that leaves Fifa 10 and 11, Pro Evo, and This is Football 04 and 05. Pro Evo, I have heard with certain versions you can make a lot of changes? But I also know there isn't many teams, so I would have to create heaps if it allowed me. This Is Football is really hard to find here now.

Can anyone enlighten me on any games which would work for what I want?

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Re: Console Footy Games - Editing/Creating Players.

Ahhh yes thats what I failed to mention, I would go for PC games as well as PS2. Because I know that a few games you can edit that run on PC.

Its probably not my best option though, IF there are others, because 1, its a newer game, which means I wont be able to afford a copy for a while (that goes for Fifa 10 and 11 though too I guess) and 2, while I have 2 laptops, the newer one is not only threatning to die due to power problems, but the cd drive doesn't work! And this one that I am using now, possibly won't run it. But given I have a copy of Fifa 05 on PC, i might be alright.

Anyway, I will go do a bit of research into the game regardless, and see if its an option that could work in the future, thanks :)

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