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Lahm, Maicon or Ramos?


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Re: Lahm, Maicon or Ramos?

I prefer Lahm' date=' i think he's an awesome player. By sugar plum fairy, i mean Ramos is a princess/tart/Primadona and as a player i don't rate him/her all that highly.[/quote']

aah ok fair enough.

i was a little confused because at 6ft plus pacey and strong he was anything but a princess.

certainly man handled bale out of the way.

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Re: Lahm, Maicon or Ramos?

Bale's rubbish.
Finaly someone who doesn't think he's awesome :D

But to get on topic' date=' Lahm if you also need a player who could play at LB (so if you don't have any 93+ rated LB players). If you have high LB's get Ramos, he has better chances at reaching 95.[/quote']

i dont think bale is rubbish or awesome.

he is a reasonably good player.

to say he is world class is stupid.

to say he is rubbish is stupid.

a player dosnt become his teams second top scorer in a season by being rubbish. he is over rated by many but he is far from rubbish.

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