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Favorite Cartoon Movies

Favorite Cartoon Movies  

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    • Shrek
    • Ice Age
    • Finding Nemo
    • A Bugs Life
    • The Simpsons.(Not out yet but whatever)
    • Happy Feet

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Re: Favorite Cartoon Movies

i see no list :)

having a young son i use every opportunity to watch them as they are usually a lot of fun.

my all time favourite is monsters inc. though shrek' date=' toy story, madagascar etc are all great too.

also, the short story about hammy the hamster on the over the hedge dvd is bloody hilarious. :D[/quote']

sorry its here now.


yeah i forgot about over the hedge and madagascar. dammit

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Re: Favorite Cartoon Movies

all the stewie griffin film is is 3 or 4 episodes put together to make a feature length episode/film, it is about him seeing himself on telly, thinking it is his real dad and trying to track him down only to find it is really him and he is messing with a time-line!!, i think the episodes are from season 5, i certainly remember seeing 1 of them on telly- unless they just fleshed out the 1 episode in to a film

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