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Re: Wolves - EC 7777


Grosvenor's Job In Doubt

Huge row between the Wolves manager and the new owner means his job is under threat.

New Wolves owner, Sahid Adib Bishr Mohammed, has been rumoured to be a non-footballing man. And taking over Wolves is just a 'bit on the side' for the Arabian. After hearing about top managerial names such as Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Barnaby Dowling, Sahid has been interested in replacing Grosvenor with a top name, even though Grosvenor has guided the Midlands club to the top of the Premier League. So could he really be silly enough to ruin the flow?

Last evening, Sahid did have talks with Grosvenor about the team and the future. But a row kicked off between the 2 when Sahid spoke about possibly demoting the boss to an assisstant managerial role to make way for a high profile name. Grosvenor and other senior Wolves members were outraged and completely dismissed the idea. And Grosvenor's contract runs out at the end of the season, and sacking Grosvenor could cost alot more than Sahid thinks.


Ambitious? Could one of these two be the next Wolves boss?

In a further twist in the tale, the Wolves owner has refused to invest in any transfers for Grosvenor (a move to force Grosvenor to leave?) and the clubs players and staff have not been paid for the month yet.

The talks yesterday evening occured due to events in the day. Grosvenor had talks with Birmingham City and their attacking midfielder, Frank Lampard over a possible move. Talks started before Sahid took charge and the Wolves manager expected a deal to be done with the backing of Sahids billions. Lampard was set to sign a deal and Sahids backroom staff passed the deal with no concerns. The fee was due to be in the region of £18m with Lampard on £80k a week at the leaders. Everything had been agreed but owner Sahid stepped in at the last minute to sensationally block the deal. Grosvenor was expectedly furious with the owner.


Stunned: Lampard will not be joining Wolves

This is a rocky start for the new owner. Sky Sports have managed to get an exclusive interview with Sahid Mohammed:

Thank you for joining us today, congratulations on buying the League leaders. Where do you see your team going in the next few years?

I er, want the club to go to the top straight away. I want the Premier League title this year, next year and every year I am here. Any less and I will leave. I want every title going including the Champions League, FA Cup and the little cup aswell. I want them all.

Ambitious, so how will you go about this? Rumours about new players coming in, is this true? What are your thoughts on Frank Lampard's deal?

I did not want Lampard at my club, I only want the best. I want Messi, Ronaldo, Heskey, Pique, Iniesta and all the names I have read in the top 30 players in the world. I want every player at the moment to leave when I get these players. I cannot have average players playing for me.

You've certainly set your sights high! What is the situation between you and current manager, Ryan Grosvenor?

I don't like his attitude or ambition. We had transfer talks, he said Lampard would be the best signing for a long time at Wolves. That is below par. He is also not a great manager, compared to Mourinho and Guardiola. He hasn't won anything. I apparently cannot get rid of him due to contract reasons and legal tangles, so he will leave when his contract ends in the summer, I don't want him to handle any top players so he will not be recieving any funds and I will only buy players when he is gone.

Sounds harsh, he has took Wolves to the top don't forget. So who are you thinking of replacing him?

It isn't harsh, he hasn't won anything as I said. And I would want a top name like Guardiola or Mourinho, or possibly emerging managers in this country. People like Marc Spicer, Aaron Duffy, Mikey Kavanagh, Barnaby Dowling and the Colchester and Carlisle managers. I am also interested in speaking to the sacked Man City manager aswell. Ben I think his name is.

What an interesting interview, thank you for joining us Sahid. And good luck for the season.


Future Team mates? Wolves owner targets Messi and Ronaldo in the summer

With the owners revelations, bets have been flying in for Wolves' future. Here are just a few:

RyBet Odds:

When will Grosvenor leave?

End of the season: 1/4

Before Turn 25: 7/2

Between Turns 25-30: 12/1

Between Turns 30-34: 20/1

Between Turns 34-38: 40/1

To stay charge next season: 150/1

Wolves' finishing position.

1st: 2/5

2nd: 3/1

3rd: 8/1

4th: 12/1

5th: 25/1

6th or below: 50/1

To replace Grosvenor:

Jose Mourinho: 1/3

Benjamin Warrilow: 5/2

Barnaby Dowling: 6/1

Pep Guardiola - 6/1

Marc Spicer: 8/1

Rick James: 10/1

Guus Hiddink: 10/1

Tom King: 10/1

Mikey Kavanagh: 12/1

Neil Warnock: 14/1

Jack Simpson: 16/1

David Jones: 20/1

Aaron Duffy: 20/1

John Henry: 25/1

Chris Hogg: 28/1

Imran Anjam: 28/1

Marco Rodrigues: 32/1

Dave Jones: 36/1

Ed Moses: 36/1

Emile Heskey: 40/1

Cedd Cook: 50/1

Froz3n Tekkers: 80/1

Mick McCarthy: 150/1

Carlos Tevez: 200/1

Mario Balotelli: 200/1

Mattuie Beckett: 500/1

First signing:

Lionel Messi: 1/5

Cristiano Ronaldo: 4/1

Andres Iniesta: 12/1

Silva Neymar: 16/1

Emile Heskey: 20/1

Hernandez Xavi: 20/1

Gerard Pique: 25/1

Eden Hazard: 36/1

Joe Hart: 40/1

Carlos Tevez: 75/1

Mario Balotelli: 100/1

Emmanuel Frimpong: 200/1

Joey Barton: 350/1

Frank Lampard: 500/1

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Wolves Crush Dons In Final

Wolves are on for the double after a great display against lower league MK Dons


Wolves 3 - 0 MK Dons

FA Cup Final

Wembley Stadium - Attendance: 86,027

Diaby (29)

Hernanes (44)

Diego (64)


Stephens for Leon (60)

Alderweireld for Albiol (60)


Drogba played a major role again as Wolves triumph



66% - 34%

Total Shots

27 - 8

Shots on Target

14 - 0


5 - 5

Yellow Cards

4 - 0

Red Cards

0 - 0

Man of The Match: Anderson Hernanes

MK Dons may have pulled off many shocks throughout the tornament, including great wins against Tottenham, Leicester, Blackpool and West Ham. But Premier League favourites Wolves were just a step too far. Having had an easier path to the final, Wolves still beat tough opponents such as Millwall and reigning Premier Legaue Champions, West Brom.

Wolves were overwhelming favourites going into the final, their odds were 1/4 to win while the Dons were a long 8/1 to win. But Wolves were very wary going into it as anything can happen in just a 1 off game. MK Dons were capable of a shock as they have shown, and manager Stephen Holland was quietly confident going into the final, as there was no pressure on them.

We all knew that if Wolves can reflect their league form, Dons wouldn't have a sniff and it could have been a goal fest.

Both teams were quiet in the first 10 minutes, as both teams seemed starstruck by the big stage. Even Wolves' veterans such as Drogba seemed nervy. After a shaky start, Wolves began to control the game from the midfield, with Didier Drogba being heavily involved in stablizing the play. Wolves kept possession as the Dons floundered, but Wolves didn't make anything of it. That was until the 29th minute. Abou Diaby, a key man now in the midfield turned quickly and fired a low shot into the corner of the MK Dons net. It was coming, no one could deny that. But this brought the Dons into life.

MK Dons started to get in the game, disturbing the Wolves midfield and finally putting pressure on Weidenfeller in the Wolves goal. Half chances from former Wolves midfielder Denny Landzaat, Adriano, Diawarra and Victor encouraged the Dons and made them believe that they were still in the match.

Wolves allowed MK Dons to play and have posession since the first goal, and that risky strategy paid off as Wolves countered the Dons just before half time thanks to an error from the Dons' keeper. After a poor clearance, Hernanes took advantage to fire Wolves into a 2-0 lead at half time. to the despair of the Dons players, and fans.

The Dons needed a goal after half time to get back in the game, and as expected, the game started to turn a little scrappy. Goal line scrambles, a yellow card for Diaby and chances for both sides meant the game wasn't completely over.

Wolves manager Ryan Grosvenor screamed at his team to finish the job off, as 1 more goal would do the job. His player abliged and turned up the wick against the League 1 side and the pressure finally gave way as Drogba hit the bar and Diego tapped in the easy chance for Wolves. Ending all hope for the Dons as they had 25 minutes to score 3 goals against an in-form Wolves.

Wolves gave youngster Jack Stephens some game time for the last half hour along with Toby Alderweireld. This didn't remove any of Wolves' attacking players and it didn't change the formation, although Stephens is more defensive minded than Pedro Leon. This gave some fresh young legs in the defence to secure the win for Wolves. Wolves did try for more goals, allowing MK Dons to have a chance or 2 but both defences were too strong for any more goals and Wolves sailed to their first FA Cup win in 52 years.


Interview with Ryan Grosvenor:

How does it feel to win your first competitive trophy for Wolves?

I am absoloutely thrilled! We did amazing to finish in the top half last year and I wanted to build on last year and consolidate a top 10 slot. Never did I think that we would have won the FA Cup and be top of the league with not long to go!

The players were amazing, every single one of them have made this year one to remember for everyone in English football. I am so proud of them.

What did you think of your opponents today?

MK Dons did phenomenally well just to make the final, being a League 1 side after all. Stephen has done a great job there and he must be so proud of his team. they put up a great fight but the difference in leagues was evident today and his team musn't be too disheartened.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Wolves For Sale Again

Owner arrested as Wolves' debt rises

Wolves owner Sahid Adib Bishr Mohammed has been arrested in his home country of Saudi Arabia, as he is suspected of money laundering. Police officers also swooped on the offices of Wolverhampton International, and left with an assortment of documents. A brief statement mentioned that Narcotics Bureau officers searched two locations – one in Medina, Saudi Arabia and the other in Wolverhampton – and seized documents. The charges for Mr Mohammed involved five counts of dealing with property known or believed to represent proceeds of an indictable offence. His hearing has been adjourned until 8th April.

Mr Mohammed has gone into exile in his home country and has sent his reprentatives back to Molyneux to sell the club. He bought Wolves less than a month ago and was the answer to their problems and he promised to wipe out the serious debt.

But some important information has surfaced regarding Mohammed's 3 weeks in charge...

Mohammed has allegedly not invested any money whatsoever in Wolves, including players and staff wages, new players and decreasing the enormous debt. Wolves' debt has apparently risen to over £120m now, and the threat of administration looms. The success that Wolves are having right now, FA Cup winners and still title favourites will count for nothing come the end of the season if no new buyer is found. If there isn't a buyer, then Wolves' footballing status may be over for good.

Alarmingly, Wolves are now 5/6 to enter administration before the end of the season and 4/1 to cease being a football club by the start of next season.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Classy Wolves Demolish Fulham

Grosvenor proves doubters wrong as Wolves pull 8 points clear

Fulham 1 - 7 Wolves

Drogba (10, 17pen)

Gago (12)

Heitinga (54)

Hernanes (56, 63)

Jovetic (67)

Rolfes (73)

The game was marred by the injury of Wolves' rock, Simon Rolfes. He will be out for 3 weeks and probably the whole season. This will severely affect Wolves' title hopes and may be the difference come 6 games time.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Nervy Wolves Edge Past Wigan

Wolves dig deep to increase lead to 10 points

Wolves 1 - 0 Wigan

Hernanes (78)

The loss of Rolfes easily showed as Wolves struggled against a weak Wigan. Diaby came in with a Man of the Match performance to replace Rolfes but Wolves' midfield looked nervy. Wolves are still the clear favourites to win the league as they pull a further 2 points clear of Man Utd. It was Hernanes to the rescue late on as he increases his tally to 19 goals this season, but Wolves' lack of experience in the title race is clearly stopping them from performing the way they were earlier in the season.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Wolves Slip Up To Nearest Rivals

Gap closes to 7 points with 4 games to go

Man Utd 3 - 1 Wolves

Schmelzer (14)

Mata (40)

Rooney (60) (64pen)

Need 2 wins from 4 games to secure the title.


Remaining 4 games

Wolves (67pts)

(H) West Brom - 10th

(A) Sunderland - 6th

(H) Chelsea - 3rd

(A) Leeds United - 9th

Manchester United (60pts)

(A) Aston Villa - 20th

(H) Blackpool - 5th

(A) Tottenham - 8th

(H) Everton - 13th

Chelsea (58pts)

(H) West Ham - 16th

(H) Leeds United - 9th

(A) Wolves - 1st

(H) Aston Villa - 20th

We have the worst run in. With an important clash with Chelsea which could decide the title. Not confident :o

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Wolves Clinch The Title!

Great away win at Sunderland earns Wolves' 2nd Trophy of the season

Sunderland 0 - 2 Wolves

Stadium of Light - Attendance: 43,786

Referee: Victor Kassai

Diaby (27)

Drogba (52)


Wolves cap off an astonishing season by winning the Premier League title with 2 games to go. This is manager Ryan Grosvenors 2nd season with the club, and with problems off the field, the title is even more unbelievable.

Wolves become one of few teams that have won the Premier League and FA Cup in one season.

No one can believe this, after seeing West Brom win the title last season, everyone expected the big guns such as Man Utd and Chelsea to come to the fore, but they are only fighting for 2nd place.


Wolves carried on their form from last year when they finished 9th after being in the relegation spots for the first half of the season. Grosvenor's descision not to overhaul the squad with new players has worked perfectly, and recruiting key players such as Hernanes has turned the club into title winners. Hernanes' shock move at the start of the season was the turning point after he turned down big moves to top clubs in favour of the Midland club. We don't know why he chose Wolves, but he has certainly made the right descision and his 19 goals to match star player Didier Drogba has already made him a fans favourite.

Wolves saw a slight dip in form as the pressure played a key part as Wolves edged closer to the title, and Chelsea and Man Utd closing the contant gap at the end certainly made Wolves nervous. Wolves needed a win today to virtually secure the championship but the fans looks nervy as a strong Sunderland looked to cause an upset. The match itself was very tense, but Wolves looked like they could get a result, even thought the teams were very closely matched.


Wolves started to look the stronger team and their pressure paid off as Diaby scored a great goal to take Wolves a step closer to the title. Sunderland looked like they could get back in the game but could not find an equaliser before half time. Ryan Grosvenor's team talk at half time paid dividence as Wolves struck again 7 minutes after the the 2nd half kicked off. This basically killed the gameand the teams accepted the score and kept the game as it was until the final whistle.

The away fans went wild and so did the shocked Wolves players. Manager Ryan Grosvenor was almost in tears as he stood, speechless on the touchline. The offical Premier League Trophy was presented with black and orange ribbons to captain John Heitinga and the stadium erupted with excitement and disbelief.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Wolves End On A High

Hernanes scores to earn Golden Boot as Wolves win on the final day.

Leeds 3 - 4 Wolves

Elland Road - Attendance: 31,079

Referee: Roberto Rosetti

Grosskreutz (1)

Hernanes (5)

Diego (24)

Gago (28)

Gustavo (70)

Schmelzer (75)

Perotti (84)

A great match on the final day earns Wolves their 24th league win of the season. A strong Leeds side who have had a great first season back in the Premier League gave the title winners a run for their money, especially as Grosskreutz fired the home side into the lead in the 1st minute. The goalfest started for Wolves just 4 minutes later as Hernanes got that crucial goal to pull him ahead of Drogba and Pato in the Golden Boot category.


The game was balanced as both sides created chances, with Leeds just edging ahead whilst Wolves had the possession majority. But the lead was taken by Wolves this time as Diego scored their 2nd after 24 minutes. And after 28 minutes, Fernando Gago scored a 3rd to put the game almost out of reach for Leeds. Half time came and the game had settled, but you could sense more goals were to come.

And we were right, as after a long wait, Gustavo got Leeds back in the game with a striker on 70 minutes, making the away side look nervy. But Wolves came roaring back with a goal just 5 minutes later from left back Marcel Schmelzer. The game was still not over as Perotti gave Wolves a cause for concern as Leeds closed the gap to 1 goal once more.

After some nervy final minutes, Wolves held on to win their 24th game and finish with 76 points for their title season. Leeds drop out of the European places into 12th, but they still enjoyed a great season back in the Top Flight.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777


Wolves Find New Buyer

Qatari investors, QIA take over the club with immediate effect

With all the problems surrounding former owner Sahid Adib Bishr Mohammed, Wolves finally find a new buyer to take the Midland club out of debt and into a financially stable life. After being arrested in his home country of Saudi Arabia, suspected of money laundering, Mohammed ordered his representatives to sell the club as quickly as possible.

After a month of trying, and the end of the season just passing, Wolves' finanical fortunes look to be turning after the takeover and investment from the Qatari group, QIA. The Qatar Investment Authority, recently linked with a takeover of Aston Villa, takes over Wolves with immediate effect, and with the promise to do everything they can to ensure Wolves has a stable future. We still remain sceptical, as these were the promises that the former owner stated, and look how that turned out.


Rumours have it that QIA are even richer than Sheikh Mansour and the group that own Manchester City. Which would be daunting for the rest of the Premier League, considering Wolves are already top with the players they already have.

Good News For Grosvenor

The good thing for Wolves is that QIA's first descision was to keep current manager Ryan Grosvenor, saying:

How could we even contemplate losing him? He has taken Wolves from the bottom to the top, and winning the FA Cup. It would be extremely silly not to keep him on for at least the next few seasons.

After this statement, it has been rumoured that Grosvenor has been offered a 3 year extension to his contract, which runs out at the end of next season. This means that Grosvenor will be in charge for at least the next 4 seasons - which is great news for him, the players and the fans.

Just In

QIA have announced what they plan to do in pre season for their new club.

We want to improve things straight away.

We will invest £25M into the academy system.

We hope to attract top investors and sponsors soon.

We want to make Wolves a worldwide name, as famous as Man Utd.

We will reignite the plans to develop the current training ground. The Sir Jack Hayward Training Ground will be extended and we will introduce extended plans to increase the previous development from £50M to £200M. The training ground will remain in the Green Belt and will become a Category 1 training ground in the next 3 years.

Every stand will be developed. We will put forward plans to increase the current capacity to 50,000 in the next 4 seasons. And then up to 65,000, 3seasons after.

As for transfer funds, we have given Ryan some small funds to buy youth players. But we need to discuss a realistic amount when we meet up with him and the team shortly.

It has been rumoured that Ryan has been given £5 Million to spend on youth. But some sources have said he has been given a huge first amount of £25Million. This is a stark change to the title season as Wolves had no transfer funds and therefore no players joined since the first part of the season.

More rumours are circulating that Wolves have made bids and possibly even signed to youth players straight away. This proves that they mean business and Grosvenor has had transfer plans for a long time.

Could this input put Wolves firmly at the top? We will have to see. It'll be interesting what Man City do, especially as they've just come back up.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777


Wolves End Transfer Drought

Grosvenor unleashes QIA's endless funds

Wolves start their end of season spending spree as new owners QIA hand over manager Ryan Grosvenor's first transfer kitty in nearly a season. Speculation is rife about how much Grosvenor is allowed to spend and the way he is allowed to spend it, but from what we understand, QIA are being sensible with transfer funds and are instead plowing their cash into other projects for Wolves - as we have stated in our last report.

QIA apparently don't want to spend loads on players like Manchester City have done, but we doubt that they won't stop Grosvenor from splashing the cash. So far, within the first day of QIA's ownership, Wolves have made 2 transfers. Instantly showing their intent on keeping their Premier League crown next season.

The transfers are low key and the money spent is only £1.5M, but at least Wolves can finally compete with their rivals like Man Utd, Chelsea and the newly promoted Man City.

So, who are the new faces?

Fernando Lewis, 480k from AZ.


The 19 year old Dutch forward signs a 3 year deal from the Dutch giants which Wolves hope he will be a star of the future. He will probably be loaned out to a lower English club to gain experience.

Jorge Filipe Monteiro, 1M from AEL.


Another forward, this time from Portugal. The 23 year old caught the eye from Wolves manager Ryan Grosvenor a while ago and as soon as Grosvenor had the funds, he swooped in, and beat off competition from Swindon for his signature. He may be loaned out, but Wolves may give him a chance to break into the first team. Althought that'll be tricky with Drogba still there.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777


Wolves Report/Update

First Wolves post in 7 months

Obviously there has been a lack of Wolves activity lately, and the last update was about the takeover from Qatari company, QIA after the horrendous time the Midlands club had with its previous 2 owners, including the enormous debt and players threatening to leave etc.

Well now, QIA have lived up to their promises, the £25m invested into the Wolves academy has happened in pre season, with Wolves' youth squad looking very strong, including the likes of Herrmann, Nery and Raheem Sterling.


Wolves' upcoming star - Raheem Sterling. QIA invested £25m into Wolves' Academy.

QIA promised to attract top investors after Wolves' triumphant season 2 seasons ago, and they have indeed. Wolves' main sponsor, and shirt sponsor is now the Malaysian oil and gas company, Petronas - who also have very strong links with Mercedes F1 Team. This also means that Mercedes have also invested into Wolves Football Team. And the final top investor is Qatar Airways, which makes sense with the owner's heritage.


Wolves' top sponsors.

Wolves' fame has exploded since their Premier League and FA Cup win 2 seasons ago. And QIA has put a lot of effort into promoting Wolves around the world, especially in the Middle East and China. Wolves aren't at Man Utd's fame yet, but they are getting there.

The full £200m has not been invested into the training ground just yet, although QIA did say 3 seasons until the project is completed. After 1 1/2 seasons, a total of £120m has been invested and significant improvements have been noticed. The project should be completed midway through next season, which by The Sir Jack Hayward Training Ground will be a Category 1 training facility.

Wolves football ground, Molyneux's capacity is currently at 28,000 but plans to increase that are still in place, but the capacity will be increased to 42,000 at the end of this season, which is a season behind schedule. Then plans to increase the capacity to 50,000 have been put back to 3 seasons time.

Wolves manager Ryan Grosvenor has not spent much recently, as he says the Wolves team only needs 'tweaks' every now and then. So a big overhaul of top players is out of the question. QIA have given a large transfer pot of gold for Grosvenor, although we don't know how much that is, rumours suggest £30m right now. But when Grosvenor wants to make a transfer, he'll get the money instantly.

Wolves finished a lowly 14th last season but currently lie 7th after 10 games this season. Didier Drogba remains top goalscorer and is consistantly amongst the top players in the Premier League.

Transfer news will be announced shortly. Plus a special announcement from QIA regarding Molyneux.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777


Double Transfer For Wolves

2 players in, 2 players out as Wolves shake up their midfield.

The biggest day for transfers at Wolves for a few seasons. This involves the midfielders of Fernando Gago and Abou Diaby. Both players have agreed and have now completed their moves to fellow Premier League side, Colchester United.

The 2 players from Colchester coming into the Wolves fold are England International, Scott Parker, and Japanese star, Keisuke Honda. The overall deal see's the players effectively swapping with each other, but with Wolves paying £2m to Colchester as well.





Wolves manager Ryan Grosvenor had this to say:

I think it's great to shake up our midfield once in a while. Fernando and Abou were getting a little frustrated with the lack of game time, as they were fighting for the same position. I'm happy for them to go to a club where they can be happy and get game time.

I am very excited with my new signings! Scott Parker is an amazing defensive midfielder for his clubs and national team. He will be in the starting line up straight away and this gives an improved protection for our defence. Keisuke will get games as I will shuffle the midfield around to make room, and I love that he is versatile and attacking for a midfielder, more attacking than any of our current ones so he will be very much valued here at Wolves.

One final bit of transfer news for Wolves, which could mean another midfielder may join the already packed out positions. Wolves have had a bid accepted, along with Sunderland and Hull for the Braga centre midfielder, Lucho Gonzalez. The deal will be completed later today. But to whom? We don't know.

New Wolves Midfielder?


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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Wolves Punish Struggling Chelsea

Win see's Grosvenor's men go 6th but managerial rumours overshadow game

Wolves 3 - 2 Chelsea

Molineux - Attendance: 28,514

Wednesday 31st October

Honda (36)

Drogba (50)

Albiol (58)

Sturridge (68)

Rossi (88)

Wolves bounce back from defeat at Blackburn with a strong win against an uninspired Chelsea, who now lie just 2 points above the relegation zone. Manager Tom King is also struggling to hang onto the sought after job.

Ryan Grosvenor's team raced into a 3-0 lead after 58 minutes, with Keisuke Honda scoring his first goal for the club, Didier Drogba netting against his old team and Raul Albiol scoring the 3rd and vital goal. Chelsea staged a late ambitious comeback but time ran out for them, but they made the game very tense at the end after Rossi's 88th minute goal.

Wolves are now 6th with a decent 27 points. The Season 2 Premier League Champions were aiming for Europa League finish this season, although recent performances suggest that aim has risen to Champions League football for the Midlands club next season. They are only 6 points off 4th placed Arsenal and 7 off leaders Manchester City.


Honda scores his first goal for Wolves.

Is Grosvenor Leaving?

With Chelsea's precarious position in the league, Owner Roman Abramovic is of course unhappy with manager Tom King. Even though King has had a very successful reign as boss, could this season be the end of his remarkable Chelsea career? Abramovic is rumoured to be looking elsewhere for possible suitors and if King's form doesn't improve soon, then he'll join all the other top class manager's to be dumped by the London club.

The rumours are already rife about his possible replacement at Chelsea. And the name on many people's lips is Chelsea's Halloween conqueror, Wolves boss Ryan Grosvenor. He has had a great career with Wolves, albeit with some shaky moments in Season 1 and 3, but could he be the man to change Chelsea's fortunes? But would he want to leave Wolves after 3 and a half seasons? After all, Wolves are currently 10 points ahead of Chelsea in the standings.

The coming weeks could be very interesting for Chelsea, and Wolves.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777


Molineux To Be Renamed

How does the QNB Arena sound?

A new rich sponsor for Wolves, but this is the end of the historical Molineux name.

Qatari banking giant, Qatar National Bank have agreed a £100 million-a-year deal to sponsor Wolverhampton Wanderers, becoming Wolves' leading sponsor and will gain stadium naming rights from next season onwards. The won't however be the shirt sponsor, although Wolves' shirt sponsor will change from Mercedes to Qatar Airways next season.

So how do the Wolves fans feel? Please leave comments Wolves fans expressing your feelings towards this bold move from the Wolves board.

Is money more important than history for another football club? The likes of Arsenal and Manchester City have succumbed to stadium name changes over the years but nobody expected the Midlands club to go the same way.


Is this how the 'QNB Arena' will look?

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Adebayor Makes Wolves Switch

Togo striker joins fellow African Didier Drogba up front


Wolves finally make serious waves in the transfer market after securing a surprising move for Emmanuel Adebayor.

After negotiations between Colchester boss John Henry and Wolves manager Ryan Grosvenor, the 2 clubs struck a deal which would take the Togolese striker to Molyneux and 2 of Wolves' fringe players the other way.

Tomas Necid, who has been at Wolves since Grosvenor took over as manager 3 seasons ago, will leave Wolves after reports that he is unhappy at the club. Although he has played in recent games.

Mikel San Jose joins Necid at Colchester permanently. He was on loan from the start of the season, with a view to a possible permanent view in the future. Although, no one expected it to be this soon. San Jose was also one of the first signings for Grosvenor 3 seasons ago.

Both clubs seem delighted with the deal.

Adebayor is thrown straight into the Wolves line up for the game against Liverpool tonight.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Sterling Stays

Potential deal for Oxlade-Chamberlain falls through


A move which would see England's brightest star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain play his trade at Wolves has been called off. The move would have seen another huge English talent in Raheem Sterling leave Molineux for Southampton, along with another player or a substantial transfer fee.

The saga came about when Oxlade-Chamberlain announced that Division 3 was not where he thought he should be playing and if the right offer came about, then he'd listen.

Wolves manager Ryan Grosvenor swiftly made contact with Saints manager Chris Lord and the 2 began informal talks about a potential transfer. The football world caught on quickly and the media exploded. Oxlade was reportedly interested in the high profile move which would see him move to the previous Division 1 Champions.

Lord warned Wolves that only an extremely high offer would take Oxlade to the Midlands. He threw down the gauntlet by insisting on 17 year old Raheem Sterling being part of the deal. An offer which Grosvenor was unsure. Eventually Grosvenor came back with an acceptance of Sterling in the deal. Lord wanted Sterling and cash, in which Grosvenor replied with Sterling and Ghanassy and a lower amount of cash. Lord stalled.

The talks slowed down as both managers were unsure on the entire deal itself.

Grosvenor was mobbed earlier today by the press as he left Molineux. But he managed to say these words for us at Sky Sports:

Raheem isn't going anywhere, he will become one of our best players in the future, as well as an England regular. Alex is an amazing player but Raheem has immense potential, meaning I'd rather keep him instead. Unless Chris is interested in another player of mine, then the deal is a no go.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777

Wolves Finish 6th

Drogba wins the Golden Boot and Player of the Season

Wolves 2 - 1 Aston Villa

Gallas (3)

Llorente (8)

Schmelzer (75)

Wolves end the season, and their last competitive game at Molyneux, (before it's renamed the QNB Arena) on a high note. After challenging for the top 4 earlier on in the season, a 6th place finish isn't what the Midland side wanted, or expected. But in a league of complete uncertainty, finishing 6th is a great achievement.

Wolves jumped above Aston Villa to 6th after the game, Villa have had a disappointing end to the season, after leading at one point.

Didier Drogba maintained his form from recent seasons by winning the Golden Boot award, and is the Player of the Season. Wolves must have high hopes for next season with Drogba is such good form plus the arrival of Adebayor a few weeks ago.


Wolves gain £5.9M for finishing 6th in the league. After spending pretty big towards the end of last season, this money will help them dearly.

Ryan Grosvenor now has a busy summer to deal with, after guiding Wales to the World Cup Finals. Wales have been drawn against The Netherlands, Ukraine and Finland in Group C.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777



The MASSIVE Wolves Review!

Grosvenor's 6th Season.. And Counting.

This is just a quick Introduction to a huge review of Ryan Grosvenor's reign as Wolverhampton Wanderers manager over the last 5 and a bit seasons.

The mahoosive review is for the Wolves website, plus interviews and special programmes will be aired on the new WolvesTV, which launched last season.

Basically, Wolves have probably been the football team in the centre of the media spotlight for last few years, ever since Grosvenor took charge. This is to document the entire goings on from those strange and magical 5+ seasons, bringing the fans even closer to Wolves.

There will be many parts to this review, just to warn you! They will include in-depth analysis of each season, including the on/off pitch highs and lows for Wolves, interviews from the manager, Ryan Grosvenor plus many of Wolves' players, past and present, as well as exclusive interviews from a former owner or 2.

We'll also find out Grosvenor's top 11 players from the whole of his reign and his dream transfers. Plus special parts about Didier Drogba and The Golden Era for Wolves, and an in depth statistical review of the Wolves players.

The 12 Part Series

Part 1: McCarthy Out, Grosvenor In

Part 2: Season 1 - A Tale of 2 Halves

Part 3: Season 2 - Pure Domination

Part 4: Season 2 - Financial Limbo

Part 5: Season 3 - Investment & Struggles

Part 6: Season 4 - Big Names, Bye Molineux

Part 7: Season 5 - Relegation

Part 8: The Golden Era

Part 9: Didier the Great

Part 10: The Big Interview - Grosvenor

Part 11: The Statistical Review

Part 12: Grosvenor's Best...

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777



McCarthy Out, Grosvenor In

In the modern era of football, a manager that lasts 2 or 3 years at one club is deemed a great achievement, compared to longer stints from years ago. In the Premier League, the managerial role is always in the spotlight, meaning the pressure is always on them.

Not many can cope, or last for many seasons at one single club, they are either sacked after a poor run of form, or poached by a higher club after having a decent season previously. Either way, many managers give way and fall from the media's attention, and eventually retire unknowingly.

There are a few loyal, quality managers around these days, but we will focus on our current manager at Wolves, Ryan Grosvenor, who is in his 5th consecutive season in charge of the Premier League side.

Here's a quick quote from the man himself to kick off:

It was an honour to manage Wolves in the first place, let alone take them to the top of the Premier League. There was a huge job ahead to survive relegation in my first season, but everyone put in an extraordinary effort and we defied the odds and then some!
- Ryan Grosvenor, speaking in an interview with Sky Sports before Season 5

In the summer of 2011, after surviving relegation from the Top division by just 1 point, the owners of Wolves decided that a change was in order if Wolves were to avoid the drop next season. A disappointed Mick McCarthy was sacked, and some of his backroom staff went with him. Wolves were prepared for massive change, not only in the managerial position, but the new manager would have been allowed to dramatically alter the squad too.


Mick McCarthy leaving Molineux in 2011

I've had a great 5 years at Wolves, I'm grateful for all the faith the club has had in me but sadly all good things must come to an end. I wish Ryan well but I can't see him lasting very long, it's a tough world out there.
- Mick McCarthy shortly after Grosvenor's appointment

With many top names mentioned and plenty of speculation from the press, Wolves opted for an unusual approach; they appointed an unknown, inexperienced, English manager called Ryan Grosvenor. The fans and press didn't know what to make of the appointment. They only thing they really knew was that Grosvenor is an Aston Villa fan, which didn't go down too well initially. Could he really be the man to turn things around?


Owner Steve Morgan was heavily criticised for the decision.

During an interview for the BBC Sport website, Owner Steve Morgan was asked these questions about the 'new chapter' for Wolves:

Why didn't you replace Mick with a proven manager?

I want a new chapter in Wolves' proud history. Bringing in a well known boss may not necessarily be what we need. We need a fresh approach, someone who can make bold decisions and charge us up the Premier League table. Everyone knows I'm an ambitious man and I wanted someone who matched my feelings.

Any hard feelings with Mick McCarthy?

Mick did a great job here and I cannot thank him enough, he did wonders on ensuring Wolves' survival and will forever be known as a legend at Wolves. But is he the right man to take us up to the next step? I don't think so.

Why Mr Grosvenor in particular?

We interviewed many candidates for the job, some big names too. We didn't know much about Ryan to be honest with you, but there was something about him, something right. He outlined his philosophy and where he'd see Wolves progress under him, I was sold. I would never have thought it, but he seemed perfect for the job. I just hope he can deliver, and of course he will have my full backing.

Grosvenor's reign started off with huge clear out, which was widely predicted. But no one was prepared for the scale of clear out Grosvenor initiated...

Next Part: Career beginnings, a brand new squad and Season 1's dramatic tale of 2 halves.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777


Wolves On The Brink

1 of 5 teams will go down on the final day


Ryan Grosvenor faces dark times if his Wolves side are relegated on Wednesday evening. The Midland side had won the Premier League just 3 seasons earlier, but with a loss against 8th place Shorpe and Crystal Palace not losing would mean that Wolves would be relegated for the first time under Grosvenor. The Championship is trickier than ever and it would take a huge effort for Wolves to bounce back. Grosvenor's transfer policies have been under scrutiny as he has made no significant signings this season and the fans have become slightly restless after the successful times before. The team is ageing and new blood would need to be brought in if Wolves were to survive next season, or be promoted. All in all, the manager, the club and the fans will have a nervous 90 minutes ahead of them.

A Wolves win would almost guarantee safety, unless all the teams around them win and Crystal Palace win by 4 more goals than Wolves. But Wolves face a tough Shorpe side who are on course for a European place next season and are unbeaten in 4 games.

Opponent Fact File:


Team - Shorpe United

Manager - Riece Monro

Stadium - Glanford Park

League Position - 8th

Points - 51

Last 6 Games - WLWDDW

Highest Rated Player - Diego Milito (92)

Player to watch - Martin Montoya

Highest Transfer Fee Paid This Season - Diego Milito (£12m)


11 - Number of signings this season.

12 - Number of Homegrown players.

159.4 - Value of Shorpe's squad.

RyBet Odds

Wolves Win - 3/1

Draw - 14/5

Shorpe Win - 3/4

Possible Line Ups

























What are your chances of staying up?

Anyone can go down to be honest, but I have full confidence in the team that we can pull out a win against Shorpe. And that should be enough to stay up. Of course anything can happen on the final day and we will hopefully survive.

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777


Wolves Press Conference


'Wolves Owners QIA have ordered a late press conference just hours after a dramatic final day of the season which sent the Midland side down. They have sent representatives to talk to the press about their relegation and are expected to announce their stance on manager Ryan Grosvenor's future at the club. Rumours are now rife and the feeling is that Grosvenor will be sacked after 5 years at the club.

The last few years have been troublesome behind the scenes for Wolves, with various debt problems and ownership changes, but through all of that, Ryan has stayed manager and has brought much success to the club, with the highlight being the league and cup double in Season 2.

Sacking him for leading them to relegation after doing so well previously would seem ridiculous from one point of view, but perhaps a new start would benefit Wolves? And a new manager could lead them to previous glories. But would it be wrong to deny Grosvenor the chance to earn promotion? Whatever the decision, it will be a tough one for the owners.

We now go live to the conference at the QNB Arena:'

QIA Representative:

Hello, I'd like to thanks you all for coming at this late hour, I know it's been a hectic and disappointing day for everyone at Wolves but we feel that the earlier a decision is made, the easier it would be for everyone involved.

Of course you are all wondering about the managers position and that is the reason why we have called this conference. This early decision will greatly benefit Wolverhampton Wanderers but it will also shut down the speculation about Ryan Grosvenor's position.

The owners are currently in Qatar on business but have been in contact with the club as well as Ryan Grosvenor himself. There were long discussions straight after the match and they have asked us to deliver their conclusion.

After 5 successful seasons at Wolves, this is Ryan Grosvenor's worst moment. We don't deny that. He is a loyal, strong minded man and most of all he is a quality manager that could manage anywhere and be a success. We owe a lot to him after all he has done for us and he does have 1 year left on his contract.

It is with great pleasure that we can formally announce that Ryan Grosvenor will continue as manager of Wolverhampton Wanders Football Club for next season. His contract will not be terminated early and we will look at renewing his contract in due course.

Thank you for listening.

'Wow. We were not expecting that! But there you have it, Ryan Grosvenor WILL be the Wolves manager next season, allowing him to bounce back with the team he relegated.

That is your breaking news from Sky Sports, up next we have a round up of today's goals from the Championship...'

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Re: Wolves - EC 7777


Wolves Plan For Championship Life

Every player is available, 13 are placed on Transfer List

Following Wolves' dramatic relegation from the Premier League on the final day of the season, manager Ryan Grosvenor is set to offload at least 13 players and has made every player available for transfer in a dramatic attempt to shake the team up and to turn around their fortunes.

Grosvenor has reportedly been in touch with various managers about deals and is expected to be extremely busy throughout the summer. Don't be surprised if you don't recognise the team come next season.

Most notably, veterans Scott Parker and William Gallas have been placed on the transfer list, along with Emmanuel Adebayor, Ribas Diego, Matias Cassani and Raul Albiol. Manu Del Moral, Pedro Leon, Leon Britton and John Heitinga are noteworthy transfer listee's.


Adebayor and Parker could be shock departures from Grosvenor's side.

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