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Re: Free Agent Search

Definately better the way it is. If you could search free agents so easily then there woudlnt be hardly any at all. Much better that it takes effort but you get rewarded for it!

Agree with him, and some time ago it was possible to search for free agents and SM removed this possibility. It wouldn't be fair to help lazy people whereas there are many managers who put time and effort to do the best for their team (and one way of doing this is by taking advantage of good free agents around)

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Re: Free Agent Search

I see why this could be implemented, but I agree that the search tool should be left the way it is. The search perameters are broad enough, meaning that you're almost guaranteed atleast a couple of free agents if your search brings about 10 or more pages. Maybe even less.

I draw the line, however, at suggesting that being able to search specifically for free agents makes you lazy. It's just more convenient. Nothing wrong with that. But given the flexibility of the current search tool it probably isn't needed.

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