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3 is a magic number - Only for EC 5579'ers!


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I've, alongside Tom MFC, been thinking of creating a thread only for us EC 5579'ers where we can relax and leave our fierece rivalcy for a second by answering on a question before each matchday. The questions could be all from ''name your three first transfers within SM'' to ''name your three favourite food chains''. As you can see, the questions could variate but they all have one thing in common: you need to list three options for every question.

So, this is what we've thought;

  • Around 1-2h before kick-off, me or Tom put up a question on the thread.

  • Then you EC 5579'ers will answer the question by giving three answers.

This would be quite spectacular for us EC 5579'ers and it would be a big step into launching it as the best setup in here. We could forget about the Dudeskin vs SJ rivalry or the London rivalries for a while and chill before kick-off by enjoying ourselfs as a group and enjoy a good laugh or two (= you could kind of compare this like taking a pin at the pub). I don't think other setups have got a thing like this and it would be quite interesting to see how it would work off, right?

A bit of a gamble with such a newly found idea, but hey, why not give it a shot...?

EDIT: Sorry if this is not the right section to place this thread at. I really couldn't decide about which section this thread would fit in the most.

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Re: 3 is a magic number - Only for EC 5579'ers!

As I most probably won't be online this evening, I thought I could put up tonight's question a bit earlier.

List your....

three biggest paid transfers within the game (all of your current/past clubs count)

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