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Forum Cup Fixtures and Results Thread

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Re: Forum Cup Fixtures and Results Thread

Okay, finally, here's the draw for the 3rd Round of the Forum Cup:

Match 1 - drseanfitz vs. Matty-AVFC

Match 2 - BigGameMo vs. Nikidinho

Match 3 - Ruggermad vs. Daragh

Match 4 - SonofPluto vs. xpratx

Match 5 - Tombstone vs. Dom Latouche

Match 6 - ExiledScotInTheUSA vs. Jozua

Match 7 - Jooles vs. Arfon

Match 8 - Zakkoo vs. Froz3n

Some real tasty looking ties in there. I'll give each one of you a nudge when I get a chance but let's all do our best to whip on through these shall we, rather than taking months to arrange a tie. Best of luck to everyone still in it! :)

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Re: Forum Cup Fixtures and Results Thread EC7345 O'Donnell(Colchester) vs Nikidinho(Shrewsbury) July 3rd.

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