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Worldwide Risers


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Re: Worldwide Risers


Niklas Hult


Age: 21

Position: LB/LM

Club: Elfsborg (Sweden)

Rating: 75

Predicted Rating:82/83 (+7/8)

He has played 1030 out of 1170 minutes and has 3 goals to his name. He looks to have nailed down his position in the midfield and hopefully he will continue playing.

Alexander Milosevic


Age: 19

Position: CB

Club: AIK (Sweden)

Rating: 75

Predicted Rating 82/83 (+7/8)

He has played 1080 out of 1170 minutes this season. He is highly regarded and Liverpool' date=' Tottenham and Sunderland are interested in him.[/size']

great thread...take cue from my risers list...

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Re: Worldwide Risers

Facundo Piriz


Age: 21

Position: DM/CM

Club: Nacional

Rating: 74

Predicted Rating: 82-84 (+8-10)

He has played over 1600 minutes. I am a bit hesitant to predict his rating. The starting GK is 84. Therefor I think its unlikely he will get that rating. I would say a 83/82 is more likely.

Cristian Palacios


Age: 20

Position: Fwd

Club: Central Español

Rating: 72

Predicted Rating: 81-83(+9-11)

I am being a bit cautious here. He has played over 1194 minutes. Based on that he should get a 82/81. But he is the top scorer in the league. Hence I will say 82/83. Also his teams highest rating is only 82 so I am not sure whether SM will give him the highest rating or even beat it.

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Re: Worldwide Risers

The above risers were in view that the Uruguay league is being reviewed now. I had wanted to post them for a while but because of the rating uncertainty I held them back. Also coming up are the Argentina and Paraguay Risers. I have already done the Paraguay one. Remember to get Vargas and Torales. These two are VERY bright prospects. I probably won't do any risers from Argentina and anymore from Paraguay but if I have the time and I spot a very good riser i'll be sure to post it. Also, if there is any league in particular you would like me to do feel free to PM me. I have also shortlisted/bought all my risers so i'll be sure to know when they rise to inform you.

Paraguay Risers:http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=1565863&postcount=7

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Re: Worldwide Risers

Good thread

You can add Bashkim Kadrii

no photo


Position: Wing/Fwd

Club: Odense BK

Rating: 78

Predicted Rating:83 (+5)

Last rating change: 10-02-2011

he is playing for denmark club odense bk, finished second in the league last season, just now they have beat panathinaikos in europa league quali stages

Bashkim has played more than 1000 min, 12 matches, scored 1, assisted 4 since last changes plus 3 games 267 minutes in the new danish league season that already started, in addition he played 3 game for danish u-21 side this summer and scored 2 goals in his last two games, one in league game on saturday and another one today in europa league today.

He is bit pricy but danish league changes should be done soon, within a month time as usually have been done every six months and I think he should get +5/6 allowing for nice profit, I have snapped him for all two of my teams :)

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Re: Worldwide Risers

Yup' date=' I always figured Teteh deserved 84 but Mohamed should've been left at 82 or so. This is because there's no way SM can let anyone from Sweden rise from 75-86 or so (that's Gotze quality rise!).[/quote']

Mohamed are seen as the better one of the two, by some experts. Don't just look at the statistic.

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Re: Worldwide Risers

What does anyone think is up next' date=' Finland?[/quote']

cant stress anymore that SHOULD be, in this order:

English League 1

English League 2 - coz they are so out of date, any new english champs that start have some clubs with half a squad as many players are missing from the DB and not transferred over by SM yet. Yeovil dont have a keeper for example, and plymouth only have 17 players. In my eyes that very wrong as SM add random players to the squad. Just get it up to date please guys!

Then should be:




South Africa


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